Thursday, January 23, 2014

new york's halal aka chicken over rice now opened in la

i am thankful that we have abundant food options here in los angles
one thing i never understood was how we don't have famous halal cart from NYC (or a version similar to it) in la! 

i absolutely love chicken over rice from the halal guys on 53rd & 6th in NYC 
i loved it so much that i had requested friends visiting new york to bring back some for me and did just that when i went to new york last year! yes, buying several chicken over rice, packing them nicely in the containers i brought from la, wrap it with bag over and over so i wouldn't stink up the air plane then put them in the fridge so i can eat it whenever i wanted! 
truth is, as it is with all food, it's never the same when it's not fresh! and halal is definitely not the same eating in the middle of the night on the street ;)

now that i've shared my love for halal...
you can tell how thrilled i was when i read that we will now have something very similar to it in la! 
according to eater, new york's famed chicken & rice just opened in hollywood TODAY! 

Those familiar with the New York-style street meat commonly called halal cart or chicken and rice will soon have a reason to rejoice. Simply dubbed Chicken & Rice , a truck touting the NYC specialty, will debut on January 23 in the parking lot next to Mel's Diner near the corner of Hollywood and Highland.
According to Midtown Lunch, the truck will be operated by the owner of Spice Hollywood Bistro, who has no actual connection to the outlets in NYC (such as Halal Guys) and is simply an homage to the popular street carts in NYC. The format is simple: falafel, lamb or chicken served over a bed of highly seasoned rice, kati roll wrap, or sandwich. A taco and burger option exists, though it's unlikely that many will opt for that unless they're unfamiliar with the concept.
Surely most people will order a simple chicken or lamb combo over rice, then douse it with a mayo-based white sauce and super-spicy hot sauce. The ideal after-drinking street snack.

sure, it's not the original halal guys, but i am thankful that even a similar version is FINALLY in la!
i cannot wait to go check it out myself!!! who wants to join? 

Hollywood & Highland
Los Angeles, CA 90028
(323) 572-4646
here it their yelp site : chicken and rice

that's it for today-
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  1. do you have their twitter or contact info? Looking for hours of operations. Thanks for the post!

  2. Is it gonna be halal?

    1. i believe so! i am just sharing eater's post :) will make another post after i check it out myself!

  3. Had it, it is no where near hall style, It just taste like chicken and lamb over spanish rice with herbs and spices. Not the same style of rice from NY. Different greens also. It definitely has its own unique flavor, but honestly should not be in the same category as NY. Completely different taste. IMO if you had NY halal guys, do not, I REPEAT, do not go there and EXPECT anything similar. Expect a new taste. I do stress that yes, it is good, but you will be disappointed expecting anything close to 53rd and 6th. Sorry but for real halal I will just fly back to NY again this spring and get it then.

    1. thanks for sharing! i also had it and agree that it is completely different..i mean they are not the halal guys to begin with! you should have gone without too much expectation ;)