Thursday, January 23, 2014

fresh uni bowl

i've heard somewhere that your taste buds change every seven years
i am not sure if that is scientifically proven as i am not about to research on this topic right now (if i ever do, i will make sure to share!) but i do agree that my taste buds definitely changed end of last year/early this year! 

there are three things i used to "hate" that i actually either "love" or "can tolerate"
1) oyster 2) mango 3) uni aka sea urchin
the word hate is such a strong word and i try to avoid using this word, especially since i now am in the culinary field... nevertheless, i really did dislike those three up until last year! 
i now love and crave oysters & mangoes and actually prefer them over some other food i always liked! 

as far as uni (or sea urchin) goes... it was something i never enjoyed! but it tasted okay to me recently and i have since decided that i am going to "practice" eating uni! which is pretty much what i did last night at maruhide uni club

here is their menu
my pick? it was nigiyaka-bowl with fresh sea urchin, marinated sea urchin, tuna, scallop, salmon roe, salmon, boiled sea urchin, sea cucumber & uni egg omlette which is served with uni miso soup

as it is with any food, fresh ingredient is what makes any meal taste good
this is especially the case for seafood, and maruhide's uni bowl is so fresh that i actually started to really like the creaminess and even slightly sweet taste of uni! i am still going to take a while to enjoy the marinated uni on the right corner, but i have a feeling i will actually get uni-craving in the future! 

we will also have to wait see what other taste bud i will develop overtime! 
i personally hope i can start to like cilantro, but it seems like that might be pushing it for the time being ;)

i am now happilyfull ♥ 
see you on my next adventure!

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