Saturday, November 23, 2013

[tip] 85c bakery - new locations

most of my friends are carb-monsters who just l-o-v-e bread! 
and all those carb-holics have super-genes where they also don't gain weight...

unfortunately, i am not so blessed in that department as i will gain weight just by drinking water!
but thankfully, i am also not much of a carb-lover (well, just as in the 'big carbs' such as bread & rice) 

...but if there is one place where i do go crazy at, 85c bakery is definitely one of my favorite places where i like to buy my bread!

since this post isn't a review, i won't go too much in detail, but i got an email from school on new locations that are to be opened & wanted to share this great news as soon as possible! 

they already have 4 locations at irvine, hacienda heights, chino hills & west covina

but when i went on their website to get more information for this post, i noticed that there are already 2 more locations that opened just few days ago!

newark: 35201 v newark blvd, newark, ca 94560 --> yes, not in norcal!
gardena: 1386 w artesia blvd, gardena, ca 90248 

seasalt coffee & seasalt jasmine green tea
these are *must-try* at 85c bakery
this is my favorite from 85c which i "need" whenever i am there
squid ink bread is one of my favorites! 

and apprently they will have 3 more locations that will open in december which is just right around the corner!

buena park

i live close to one of these cities & my church is located close to another city, so i am psyched about these new spots & i will have to make my way there to check them out! 

that's it for today-
from "happilyfull-on-life" 

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