Sunday, November 10, 2013

secret menu from starbucks

are you a coffee lover?
do drink coffee every day?
i love coffee & i for sure need my daily dose of coffee every morning! 

so, when i found out that there is actually a secret menu from starbucks, i was thrilled!

well, because i am a harry potter fanatic, i was especially excited about their hot butterbeer latte & butterbeer frappuccino and have been wanting to stop by at a starbucks since yesterday so got my first cup of their "secret drink" first thing in the morning today!

i ended up going for a tall hot butterbeer latte which was missing some salt and really enjoyed it! but i will have to adjust the sweetness because i am more of a black-coffee-or-espresso-kind-of-a-girl!  

i am also excited to try some of these!
pumpkin pie frappuccino (because pumpkin pie will always be my favorite pie) 

banana split frappuccino (while i am not much of a real banana lover, i love banana-flavored desserts!)

chapple tea latte (this sounds perfect on a cold day!)

pumpkin patch latte (i like pumpkin-anything!) 

peach ring tea (i also love anything with peach flavors & peach rings are my favorite gummies!) 

peach cobbler frappuccino (this sounds like a great dessert-replacement)

ferrero rocher frappuccino (who doesn't love gold-foiled ferrero rocher chocolates!)

raspberry caramel macchiato (espresso & raspberry syrup?) 

the red starburst (because my favorite starburst flavors are pink & red)

sour gummy worm refresher (i am just really curious how this will taste!)

barbie pink frappuccino (i admit! i want to try this because of it's name)

horchata frappuccino (so creative! horchata + frappuccino?)

fruity pebbles frappuccino (one of my favorite cereals in a drink form!)

and of course... on days when you REALLY need something strong, the liquid cocaine

did i mention that these are not even all of their secret drinks?

so, if you are like me and you need at least a cup of coffee every morning to function, 
why not give these a try? 
all you need to do is to show them the recipe! 

i am now happilyfull ♥ 
see you on my next adventure! 

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