Wednesday, November 20, 2013


11-11-2013 was a very special day
 i started *drum-roll* culinary school at le cordon bleu

if you couldn't tell already, i always had passion for food ♥ 
it started out with eating, where i would go check out restaurants from fine dining to taco trucks & stop everyone from eating, so i can take pictures of the food! 
(yes, i am definitely one of those who took pictures of food way before "asians who take pictures of food" or "pictures of asians taking pictures of food" became a norm)
once technology got better and everyone started taking pictures with their phones, my workload also doubled since i would then use both my camera and my phone for pictures!
then, i started writing reviews on yelp, followed by this blog!
and of course...having grown up in a family where mom was not only an excellent cook but also an amazing baker, i always liked cooking...even though it really hasn't been too long since i actually started playing & experimenting in the kitchen for fun!

so...while going through a career change few months ago, i had this big idea where i might consider "what i love" as my future career! although i don't necessarily want to become a chef, i definitely want to work in the culinary industry, doing things i am already doing...but professionally & with a lot more knowledge!
it was a tough decision because school meant i would have a lot of down time (my program is almost 2 years) & i would have to suck it up and do everything i am not used to, from cleaning to starting out as a 'novice' in the industry at my age!
about  two weeks has passed since my first day of school and i already got some 'proud injuries' on my hands & nails from practicing knife cuts and witnessed classmates' crazy wounds from our super-sharp knives!
i am getting used to french terms, having homework everyday & also trying to remember what it was like to use your memorizing skills for my first quizzes!
even though commute is pretty rough & i had to give up on on fashion & beauty five days out of the week, it feels great to be surrounded by people who share the same passion on food & cooking and i am happy that i am getting this chance to learn something i truly love and enjoy! 
so look out for some more interesting posts-to-come!
i won't learn to cook for a while, as we are starting out with basics...but i am sure there will be a lot more cooking in my life from now on~ 

that's it for today-
from "happilyfull-on-life" 

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