Tuesday, October 22, 2013

ramen waffle

when do you like to eat waffles?
because i am always a savory breakfast eater, i tend to skip out on waffles as breakfast item...
 instead, i do crave a nice hot waffles as dessert with all kinds of fruits, light whip and/or ice cream & some maple syrup!

we all know that you only have so much time to finish eating your waffles before they become soggy from whatever toppings & syrup you have on top..

so when i saw that master chef leo kang from korea recreated a crunchier waffle that doesn't get soggy as fast using instant noodles, i couldn't help but to try right away! 

ingredients: chapagetti noodle, butter, fruits of your choice (i like berries on mine), ice cream & maple syrup
(he recommended that you use chapagetti noodle over any other because of the texture and the taste of the noodles, which  you can get at any korean markets near you)

all you need to do is to prepare a nonstick pan, butter it, then put boiled ramen noodles into a round shape and flip it over few times, add more butter depending on your likes!  
i admit...
my first instinct was also "ew, ramen noodles as waffle? could that really be?"
but i got more confident as my ramen noodles browned and turned crispy! 

now, it's time to decorate your waffle!
start adding fruits, ice cream, whip cream, candies, syrups...whatever you want on your waffle! 

the verdict?
i honestly really loved this dessert! 
i liked that it tasted same as any other waffles but had better texture throughout! 
so definitely give it a try! 

i am now happilyfull ♥ 
see you on my next adventure! 

Monday, October 21, 2013


what is important to you when choosing a restaurant? 
if you haven't noticed already, i care a whole lot about ambiance because i will be dining there for couple hours as my friends and i catch up over food-

so bugatta was picked on one night out...
according to their website
from the team at tbc management, bugatta brings a thrilling experience to hollywood. located in the heart of the energetic melrose strip, bugatta is a one stop destination - as its beautiful decor and innovative shared-plates menu
designed by anat escher, the restaurant/ bar seamlessly transforms throughout the night from a sophisticated relaxed dining atmosphere into a lively lounge and bustling bar scene. 
the venue is divided into 3 distinct areas, each with its own character and sexy vibe, while allowing for an easy flow between all the levels.
spanning two floors, bugatta offers a super trendy lounge, gorgeous enclosed patio with private bungalows, several bars with festive atmospheres and VIP private lounge upstairs.

to be honest, i think their photographer did an excellent job marketing this place because i couldn't help but be slightly disappointed when i saw the place outside...
nevertheless, i did love their patio area which really did transform throughout the night which we enjoyed very much

i am now happilyfull ♥ 
see you on my next adventure! 

Friday, October 18, 2013


happy friday, everyone~
in less than a month, i have a big change that's coming my way which i can't wait to share!
that change is making me want to get back on writing posts that are waaaaay over due, so here we go!

to start, here we have cicada
located in downtown la, cicada's 1920s art deco theme is quite stunning! and just from viewing photos of this venue where they even hold weddings, it was a place i've been meaning to check out for a while...only to really enjoy the experience as a whole- 
ambiance of cicada really is definitely why you really want to check out this place because it's unique and you get that classy old school feel from the whole restaurant 

for more info on menu,  you can check out their website as their menu does change, but you can expect a solid italian food from this restaurant
i can see how some may think their food is overpriced, but you are really paying for the experience as a whole with great service and that, to me, was worth it
because, their service..........was excellent! yes, seriously, it was most of the most pleasant service where it wasn't overwhelming but just enough yet really made us special! 

in addition, our server was kind enough to explain in detail on the cicada club where they have dress-up themed nights along with music and shows which i would like to try one day 

as our server said... 
we were definitely the most "fun" table of the night as we got there shortly after they opened & literally were the last table at the restaurant
...and that's when you know you've hit the FOUR MUSTS for a nice dining experience
1. nice atmosphere (as a girl who likes nice settings, i must admit that i enjoy 'pretty' restaurants that are picturesque)
2. solid food (i don't even expect the meal to be mind-blowing, as long as they are solid) 
3. great service (yes, i am that person who will lower yelp review if the service wasn't up to par) 
& 4. great company (because sharing a nice meal is my favorite type of socializing

i am now happilyfull ♥ 
see you on my next adventure!