Monday, June 24, 2013

pollack fried rice

even for people who like to cook, "cooking daily" can be a hassle!
and for those days when you are tired after work to cook or when you just don't have too many ingredients in your refrigerator, remembering few super-easy, super-quick recipes will come in handy! 

i don't always follow, but when i have time, i do like watching this korean tv show called "happy together" where celebrities introduce a quick-late-night-snack-recipe that ends up being voted onto the wall of fame if it tastes good! i haven't tried too many, but a lot of these menus tend to be very clever and FAST!   

this is one of the recipes i have been dying to try ever since i saw it on that tv show! 
needing very little ingredients, all you need is: marinated pollack intestines you can easily find at your local korean markets, left-over rice, evvo, sesame oil, seaweed strips and if needed, some cooking rice wine

all i needed to pick up was the marinated pollack intestines (also known as 창란젓) which you can normally eat with rice! because it is already marinated, you don't even have to separately put any salt or other marinade into this rice which makes it super easy to make! also, once cooked, it had similar texture as the cow-intestines which i like a lot but can't really eat unless i go to specialty bbq places, so i know i will be coming back to this recipe quite a bit! 

1) heat up the pan with some evoo
2) put marinated pollack intestines & a little bit of cooking rice wine on the pan and stir-fry them
3) fry fry and you will see the texture harden just a bit; make sure not to over-cook because it will get too rough 
4) put any left-over rice you have & stir-fry everything together 
5) add a pinch of sesame oil at the end
6) put the fried rice on a dish & add some seaweed strips on top 

this didn't take long to make at all & it tasted really good! even better than what i had imagined...even though i had read a lot of great reviews of people who made this too...and i had already got one more of those marinated pollack intestines & saved one in the freezer for those random cravings! so make sure to give it a try yourself! 

i am now happilyfull ♥ 
see you on my next adventure! 

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