Tuesday, February 26, 2013

trip to incheon chinatown

the only time i've been to incheon was whenever i was passing through the incheon airport flying in & out of korea
so this time, we decided to explore incheon just a bit, mainly their chinatown on one of the coldest days while i was in korea 

since i've been to bigger "chinatowns" in the states, the town didn't impress me much, but their FOOD was exceptional! seriously...their koreanized-chinese food was so good that i want to visit again just to eat! just make sure to look for restaurants owned by real chinese descendants to experience the more authentic flavors

i did end up catching a cold from that day which lasted me good 3~4 weeks or so to recover fully...
...but i am already missing the "winter" season! 

i am now happilyfull ♥ 
see you on my next adventure!

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