Wednesday, February 13, 2013

2nd best place in seoul

it's almost lunch time and i am sure everyone is hungry & some have growling stomach ;)
after the best kimchee noodle at snow tree house, i finally got to try "2nd best place in seoul (literal translation)"

this famous spot was recommended by my parents for years (i was around since 1976!) but since i am not a big fan of the red bean soup, i didn't really feel the need to go & wait in line!
however, now that i am 'older', i wanted to have open mind and see what all the hype is about!

it was freezing cold. there was a long line. the place is tiny.
but i still had to try it!
..................and i am so glad i insisted on it! because..................

again, i don't like red bean soup and i am not a huge fan of red bean!
but this was just amazing! 
it wasn't as sweet as i expected and had perfect amount of cinnamon flavor that really made the soup...well, amazing!
they were also very generous with toppings which included huge rice cake, chestnuts and ginkyo nut!
all for 6000won which is about $6

so why the "2nd best place in seoul" instead of 1st best?
supposedly best place is your own home, so they are technically the best place where you can purchase the red bean soup from all of seoul ;)

even though we were full, i am so glad we didn't share! 
yes! one per person is a MUST at this place ;)

i am now happilyfull ♥ 
see you on my next adventure!

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