Wednesday, January 30, 2013


hmmmm....missing-in-action for a little over month....again! 
it was mainly because i got super sick at the end of my "food trip to korea" which included one of the deadliest stomach flu in my life that made me really control what i ate afterwards! 
but i am 100% okay (finally!!!)
amazing food pictures from korea will come soon, but today it's on a restaurant i fell in love with before i left the states- 

as soon as it was opened, it was hyped
so i diligently made reservations and headed to bestia last december, 3 weeks post-opening

everything about the place made me fall in love immediately but what i loved the most about bestia was the food!  i loved the not-so-typical-italian menu they offered, as well as the clean atmosphere-

-cerignola. castelvetrano. gaeta. picholine
-chef's selection of house-cured meats. pickles. mostarda. grilled bread
octopus carpaccio
-lemon. radishes. wild arugula. fennel. salsa di acciughe
cavatelli alla norcina
- ricotta cavatelli. house made, pork sausage. black truffles. grana padano
pear and ricotta cream tart
-almond frangipane. black pepper cream

i already want to go back to the restaurant so i can try more off the menu! 
and when i do, i will make updates to this post ;)

i am now happilyfull ♥ 
see you on my next adventure!