Friday, December 14, 2012


as i mentioned in recent post, it's been very-crazy-busy couple weeks!
sometimes only getting ~3hrs of sleep per day,
yes... i was literally a zombie!
even though i am not complaining about being able to sleep & not having to wake up at 2am, it is somewhat bittersweet & i am already looking forward to next year's arise 13'!

so, now that i am back to normal
photo dump begins...!

i surely don't miss getting up this early-
what defines us is how well we rise after falling
accept without regrets
handle with confidence
face without fear
arise 2012
rainy day at 3rd street promenade, santa monica
i absolutely adore my valentino red rain boots ♥
rain in la
love classics in my closet-
cafe concerto
fringe boots are so "in" right now!
...and they are so fun to walk in ;)
whole food juice bar + whole food coffee
butterscotch beer for a harry potter geek = myself!
i heart 85c bakery
must in la: hello carpool
foggy morning
told you i was a zombie!
...thank you, caffeine! 
tripa tacos from los paisas
got time? it's time for photo updates
...with my non-alcoholic butterscotch beer ;)
revisiting urth caffe with my old friend! 
amazing potato/pork rib soup at gam ja gol
my favorite part of the meal ;)
bestie writing a card after donating $1 at coffee beans
i used to get chipotle ~3 times a week when in college ;)
black coffee all the way!
prosciutto + burrata 
carbonara from trastevere
addicted to peach vinegar drink from yami
cutest oj ever!
some work perks: thank you, anthropologie
early morning adventure by myself at torrance bakery
brunch at yellow vase cafe with my high school girlfriends
yellow vase cafe 
i love love love love love pinkberry ♥
life is peachy
korean food ♥
oxblood x oxblood
what do i crave on a cold day?
soup. definitely soup. particularly spicy soup.
why, thank you, fortune cookie! 
eating pinkberry in the rain is that much yummier ;)
staying in on sunday night with
 garlic jim's pizza & handels ice cream
new love! bundaberg ginger beer is sooooooo gooood!!!
gta sandwiches anyone?
hot pink + toggle coat
take a menu, eat well @ the camp
eating healthy at native foods after some major shopping! no time ;)
trader joe's peppermint pretzel slims are BAD
...BAD because they are soooo gooood!
...BAD because they are addicting!
if you don't have trader joe's near you, get it here
funny! GUYS (that are straight) have been stopping me
to compliment my gorgeous bag! really!
why thank you, alexander wang!
christmas is right around the corner
at my favorite shopping mall south coast plaza

that's it for today-
from "happilyfull-on-life" 

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