Wednesday, December 19, 2012

baco mercat

i am in love!!!
and when i want something yummy, i can always depend on baco mercat!

when i first came here, i immediately knew i had to come back to try more dishes since i can only eat so much at one seating ;) so i did just that after love-at-first-sight and so far, most dish i've tried were superb!

first, their drinks...
be ware!!!
their sweet & sour sodas are dangerous, so think twice before ordering!
...because i promise you that you will be hooked ;)

now...onto their food...

sugar snap & pear salad with grapefruit, burrata, dill, walnut
blistered okra with tomato, basil, garlic
shishito peppers
sauteed peaches with goat cheese, honey, hazelnut
"the original" baco with pork, beef carnitas, salbitxada
"the original" baco with pork, beef carnitas, salbitxada
"el toron" baco with oxtail hash, pickle, cheddar, tater, horseradish
"cream of mushroom" coca with mushroom, pecorino
"el cordero" coca with merguez, harissa, feta
"soujouk pork belly ragu" with ricotta cavatelli, pecorino, tomato
pineapple upside down cake with caramel & whipped cream
handsome roaster's coffee; they also have stumptown coffee roaster
sugarbird hote teas - chamomile
there is also big man bakes right across the restaurant for all your cupcake lovers ;)
since downtown la is not the most parking-friendly place, mind as well kill two birds with one stone!

i am now happilyfull ♥ 
see you on my next adventure!

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