Thursday, November 1, 2012

tebo tebo tea lounge

over the weekend, i was thrilled when my friend & i decided to go on a mini adventure to tebo tebo tea lounge! honestly, drive wasn't too bad, but since we were hungry, it felt longer than our navi said ;)

once we got there, we were surprised by their amazing photos of food! and we immediately felt the pressure to 1) choose the right item & 2) try as much as possible!!

so secretly, i was thinking..."ok, we need to try their drink & order some savory dishes since we are hungry...but we are here for their shaved snow, so must try that...but but what about their crazy-photogenic brick toast???"

as i was going over this in my head while looking at the menu, that's when my friend calmly said "let's just order them all!"

so this is what two girls ate...
all in one seating...
and yes, we were greedy because we ended up leaving at least half of this behind!
...but even though food might not be as delicious as you assumed, photogenic food still makes me happy ;)

eye candy
-sweet condensed milk toast with custard cream,
strawberry, fresh apple, chewy mochi &
green tea ice cream
laughing buddha
-pineapple green tea with fresh orange juice,
pineapple bits and basil seeds
cold eraser
-strawberry lemonade with lemon slice
filled with fruits!
drunken beef with garlic noodle
"the grinch" shaved snow really just turned out to be eye candy!
because we ended up leaving all these behind :{

hope everyone had a happy & safe halloween! it's already november and i am excited for this fall/winter to start!

i am now happilyfull ♥ 
see you on my next adventure!


  1. oh my the toast looks like quite a treat. Aww hoped the food tasted as good as it looked! But seriously, how gorgeous does the toast look? :)

  2. thanks phoebe! i know! seriously gorgeous food! wasn't my favorite! somewhat unfortunate but hey, good on the eyes ;P