Tuesday, November 20, 2012

jae bu do

i love checking off places i wanted to try..."off my list" by simply trying them out! 
this time...it was jae bu do, which was also featured in la weekly

going on a monday night and showing up on time (eh-hem, friends!) was a great idea because we didn't have to wait! but all who came after me were waiting for quite some time it the smokey restaurant

once we got situated, we had some debating to do on what to order!

 we eventually went with the greedier option of combo c, which came with shell, large clam, oyster, shrimp, langouste, mussel, scallop, ork shell, abalone, squid, conch, sweet potato, potato, noodle & other side dishes...all for $94.99 (or $89.99 if you pay in cash)

i honestly don't know what everything is but that is what was written on the menu ;) 

after receiving a huge platter of seafood that is very photogenic, they will also give you some thick white gloves for you to eat with and you are set to start some major seafood feast! 

since words don't do justice on my wonderful dinner, please see below photos & video to get a glimpse of seafood feast at jae bu do! 


if you are still not full after all that seafood, no worries! because big potful of noodle aka kalgooksu is waiting for you! 
all of us complained how full we were but we ended up enjoying this, especially the soup that cleansed everything you ate...in a very good way-

then the dessert you probably forgot about is waiting for you at the very end! 
yes, sweet potato & potato they stuck under the grill with the coals! mmmmm~~~

i can assure you that if you love seafood, this is a "must try" spot!

you will not be disappointed ;)
also, when else are you going to eat with some thick white gloves in one hand?

i am now happilyfull ♥ 
see you on my next adventure!

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