Friday, November 16, 2012


it's only been a week since, well...last week's post but it feels like it's been at least couple weeks!!! 

my past week has been packed with a trip, events, food, work, all sort of thoughts and lots of coffee!
crazy schedule + lack of sleep + weird weather is leaving me feeling quite weak, but i am trying to push through this weekend which is also filled with fun schedules aka no sleep . . . . .

one of the perks of extra busy week means lots of photos! yayyyyy!!!
i have couple exciting food joints to write about, as well as some events! but for now... many instagram photos will do ;)

i miss having four seasons!!!
absolutely loved ♥ beautiful leaves in atlanta- 
finally gave in & tried burberry make-up! and...i ♥ it! 
comfty outfit is a MUST for a plane ride longer than 2hrs
pre-flight: getting my vitamins from
yummy watermelon rosemary lemonade
early morning towards downtown atlanta-
amazing breakfast at ria's
getting my touristy mode ON at world of coca-cola
the vault
in ♥ with southern food even more now
red eyes are no fun but they sure are efficient!
christmas music happiness 
psy (and wonder girls) representing on delta! yay, k-pop!
i was taking crazy load of vintamin-c the whole trip
...but still caught the cold nonetheless :(
kit kat pumpkin remix
new addiction: soy wrapper spicy tuna 
extra hot americano with white chocolate 
or extra hot americano with pumpkin spice
yelp elite event at vosges
haut-chocolat with vosges
yes, i am an elite member ;)
my favorite! caramel chocolate with BACON!
i heart goody bags 
finally made it to sprinkles ice cream
sprinkles ice cream
banana & captain crunch yummers ♥
after . . .
sprinkles atm that pops out cupcake in a box!
my favorite tea place! click here for my [previous post]
omg...color coded shop line for h&m maison martin margiela
kate spade + harper's bazaar 
sparkling h20 with lime :)
harper's bazaar
not easy, but it is what it is
just my mind

despite my sore throat + eyes that keep closing on me (did coffee stop working on me?), i am excited about this weekend! yes, i will just think positive & think that holiday craziness + celebrations came earlier ;) 

that's it for today-
from "happilyfull-on-life" 

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