Thursday, November 8, 2012


hello! hope your week was easier than usual thanks to daylight savings!
well...unfortunately for me, i didn't "gain an hour" because my work hour changed & now i go to work an hour earlier...meaning i wake up at the same time, but it seems earlier since i now wake up around 6:15am instead of 7:15am!

anyway, after some crazy weird weather of having almost 100 degree weather over the weekend, it is now about 40 degrees colder than that + rain rain rain! so make sure you don't catch anything during this unpredictable temperature ;) 

did i mentioned that i looooove soup?
and i loooooove japanese ramen?
check our my post on a bowl of japanese ramen
from my favorite... ramen yamadaya
i love some sparkle on my nails :)
iced peppermint tea 
thanksliving bracelet remind one to be always thankful of something
rather than complaining-
always ;)
uhoh...nordstrom sales are dangerous! 
love love love this scent! :)
i...totally chipped the back of my tooth while eating this
frittata from manhattan beach post
-bacon cheddar biscuit, arugula, la quercia prosciutto
& hollandaise   
whole foods visit after work makes me super happy!
yes, i voted! 

that's it for today-
from "happilyfull-on-life" 

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