Tuesday, November 27, 2012

happilyfull's thanksgiving dinner twenty twelve

it's been few days since thanksgiving and i am finally getting around to this post! 
...and i also realized that it's been a little over a year since happilyfull was born! yay! 

so! every year, my extended family comes over to my house for a f-e-a-s-t and this year was no exception! 
 i must say, i never stood around for so long cooking without resting that i actually suffered from post-thanksgiving-cooking-body-aches for few days

my family doesn't really like turkey, so starting few years ago, our 'side meat' became our 'main meat' 
 ta~da~ yup! two prime ribs (again) -- we make one medium rare for true meat eaters like myself & one medium well for the others ;)

in case you missed here's last year's post
so here we go! 
starting with some kimchee ricecake dish for lunch of thanksgiving day to our meats: prime rib, turkey, chicken (we actually forgot to eat ham because we had too much food), skinny spinach artichoke dip, sides, veggies, desserts and even grilled pineapples that helps you eat even more meat than you should! since i was too busy cooking and eating, some dishes are nowhere to be found on photos, but you get the gist of happilyfull's thanksgiving!
i swear, i am extra thankful for having two ovens at least once a year, and that is during thanksgiving ;)

o my...
i thought i was done with meat for a while, but seeing these pictures again made me drool...just a bit...really;;

i am now happilyfull ♥ 

see you on my next adventure!


  1. omg this look so good!!! i want that ddukbokki!!

    1. thank you, kristina!!! :D it's really easy! i will let u know how to make it ;)