Monday, October 15, 2012

la bohème

i promise, i am not like that all the time . . .
but when going somewhere with my girlfriends or even on a romantic evening out, i do *sometimes* sacrifice food (just a tad) so that we can really enjoy the ambiance-
i am a big believer that believe ambiance can enhance the flavor of food & the dining experience overall, because it makes you...more excited!
are you like me & you look for restaurants based on atmosphere?

if that is the case, la bohème is the perfect spot
renown for their stunning architecture and dramatic dining room, la bohème's interior includes a roaring fireplace, massive statues, beautiful chandeliers, semi-private booths and a romantic patio
with gothic, renaissance vibe, la bohème will capture your eyes with it's dark, red lighting


i am a big sucker for beautiful lighting & chandeliers!

one of my favorite thing about la bohème is the way they bring up drinks..."old school style"
isn't that so cool?

& the food!
here is there detailed menu

spicy fries 
turkey bolognese
-rich red wine sauce, grana padano
wild mushroom risotto
-lemon confit, fresh herbs, pecorino romano
grilled berkshire pork chop
-roasted brussels sprouts, lardoons, polenta cake, apple cider jus
miso glazed salmon
-baby bok choi, shiitake basmati rice, sesame spinach sauce
seared ahi 

this was me, few years ago, actually..
wish i can upload the recent photo of night out...
...but will refrain for their privacy ;)

i am now happilyfull ♥ 
see you on my next adventure!

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