Wednesday, October 10, 2012

kitchen table

i love girls night outs
especially since my oh-so-pretty girlfriends and i all love dressing up for each other ;)
& when we are together, we can pretty much have fun whatever we do, even on uneventful nights!

this time, it was with my girlfriends from college BUT we actually went to same jr.high & high school  before graduating from the same college AND all working in fashion industry for some time! yup, you can say we go wayyyyy back & we definitely have some sense of fashion ;)

well, since one of our dearest is now in nyc, we had to have a gno when she was in town!
so, we decided to go to a lovely joint called the kitchen table 

i always wanted to try kitchen table whenever i passed by because the restaurant looked so cute! and it didn't disappoint!
i love love loved their 2nd floor balcony!
there is a black & white movie playing on a big movie projector screen & you get to experience the semi-outdoor dining!

in our case, the restaurant actually let go of our table and they seated us by the balcony looking out downtown, but that actually turned out to be a better experience as the lights on the street made our dining very pretty and exclusive-

now onto the food...
we thought about doing the chef's tasting menu which was very affordable, but since we weren't too hungry, decided to do it a-la-carte style to try more dishes!
their menu was somewhat small but each dish had  a good flavor!

while writing this post, i did notice that chef fernando darin combined culinary heritage of france, italy, brazil, and spain with modern sensibility, while we thought the restaurant was french/american...that probably explained why the food didn't taste so french~

i am now happilyfull ♥ 
see you on my next adventure!

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