Thursday, October 4, 2012


my foodie friends & i love trying somewhere nice, somewhere yummy, somewhere that was on someone's "bookmark of places to try" together...

when we started to gather on a random saturday afternoon, it was just that
...except we let one person choose as he is the pickiest eater from the group ;)
and that night, it was bashan's lucky night to have group of foodies ;)  

since bashan wasn't on my personal bookmark, i didn't know what to expect, other than it was a French cuisine but the restaurant (all the way in glendale!) was very cute: intimate setting; very suited for a date night with a candle-lit dinner-kind of a restaurant!

we read good reviews about the tasting course but after giving it some thoughts, we decided to go with a la carte style to try more dishes, as we had five people in our group-
*i am really sad that i didn't bring my camera with me that night, as this dinner was so unexpected! i mean, i was in t-shirt & denim shorts when i went to the restaurant!!! so please excuse the low-quality photos-*

roasted duck breasts
with truffle scented spaetzle, roasted kohlrabi,
seared black mission figs, duck jus
this is what caught my eyes when i was looking at the menu and wow!!! it was goooooooooooooood~~~
might even be one of the most memorable duck i've had as it was juicy, moist and flavorful yet with clean after-taste!
this was definitely the most popular dish of the night too and my friend kept complaining that he should have ordered this instead- plus, if it got 5 out of 5 peoples' consensus on best dish of the night, it might be worth trying, no?

we got the special of the night scallop sashimi
lobster salad
with baby gold beets, sea beans, frisee,
pickled shallots, watermelon, lobster terragon aioli
prime flat iron steak
with garlic puree, roasted new potatoes,
dandelion green, cherry relish
barbecued pork belly
with house made bbq sauce, grilled corn, red onion,
micro cilantro, pickled cucumber, crispy pork ear,
& shishito pepper
wild mediterranean sea bass
with roasted cauliflower, sword tip squid,
popcorn sweetbreads, grapes, pine nuts
braised beef cheek
with red bliss potato mash, chimichurri,
rapini, baby carrots, roasted shallots, veal jus
creme fraiche cheesecake
with walnut-graham cracker streusel, dulce de leche,
mocha almond fudge ice cream
blue bottle blend french press

totally wish I could have gotten better photos but i have a feeling that i might go back for some more duck ;) 

i am now happilyfull ♥ 
see you on my next adventure!

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