Friday, September 14, 2012


was it just mine? or did the last two weeks just fly by?
...that's my excuse for slacking off on posts for a long long time- eek! 
but that means, i have lots to write about when i do get the time! wee!

first, here are some footage from last thursday night's fashion night out!
la's fashion night out is nothing like the craziness at nyfw but i still had fun!

curious on what bumby say about us?

fun time at christian louboutin!
...i also drank half glass of  champagne! and yes, it was
my first alcohol in a year!

fashion night out at beverly center

hello at phillip lim

& here goes more instagram photos ;) 

i've been obsessed with red-blue & white combo
...and some leopards too ;)

vongole pasta anyone? :) 

he's gone viral
if you don't know about gangnam style yet,
something is wrong with you-

my fruit snack

canned art from south coast plaza

uhoh. back on coffee...............fatty coffee

veggie burger from dg burger

love this sample pouch from sephora

how can you not love being a vib at sephora?
...even though you keep buying more than you shoud

sashimi for lunch

chili fries!!! 

candy bag from slo was a disaster...for my diet

old school game makes me happy while waiting for
my car to be washed! hello, area 51!

healthy lunch


nails nails nails

kitchen table, downtown la 

opening event for le ka

my breakfast as of late: yogurt + flaxseeds + blueberries

horse show...again?

pumpkin blended from coffee bean is a MUST TRY

i love all that sparkles-

that's it for today-
from "happilyfull-on-life" 

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