Thursday, August 23, 2012

juice cleanse

sorry for being quiet for *gasp* almost 2 weeks! 
it's because
i was on a juice cleanse!  

truthfully, i am not much of a health-conscious eater...on a normal basis
but occasionally i do try to be strict on myself and really be careful when i am on my crazy diets
problem here, however, is that you yo-yo like crazy afterwards...especially if all you've been thinking while being on those diets are hamburgers, bbq, spicy soup...etc. so not only did i gain back more than prior to diet, i actually suffered from stomach pains for not being careful enough after my strict days...

this time, however, was somewhat different...
i was grocery shopping...went to trader joes first, then i went to whole foods
there, i was pulled towards raw section & purchased 3 blueprint juices to see how they taste, as i haven't tried them before
without any preparation, started drinking those 3 juices the next day 
and surprisingly i was fine at the end of the day! 
yes, only 3 juices on my 9-6 work day and i was fine! 
so i went back to whole foods after work that day and decided to continue since i didn't want my $35+ to go to waste! so to 'save', i invested in another couple hundred dollars and bought two boxes of blueprint juices, which seemed like a much better idea as i would save on shipping if purchased from whole foods- 

the thing is, i wasn't thinking about going on a crazy diet and i definitely had plans to eat out, which was going to be hard! 
but i did want to 'try something new' to be healthier and well, i really wanted to shed some extra pounds i put on in the past few months! 

i was drinking 4~5 juices per day for full five days
but eased on to some veggies on the 6th day, and soup on the 7th day
once the 'full juice cleanse' was over, i've been drinking one juice every morning which ended yesterday after 12 days!

very 1st juice
...i didn't know i would start this juice cleanse then!

day 1
went back to get two boxes! here we go!

continuing . . . . . .

red: apple.carrot.beet.lemon.ginger

yellow: lemon, water, cayenne. agave
tastes exactly like the lemonade cleanse, but better!

green: romaine, celery, cucumber, apple, spinach,
kale, parsley, lemon, ginger

whiet: cashew, water, vanilla, cinnamon, agave
this is 300cal, so only had 2 of these during my cleanse


first food!
broccoli, green beans, corns & avocado
with some tofu sauce

i also had a bite of this vegan corn-quesadilla 

if you haven't noticed from my insta-fridays already love love fish grill! 

sadly i was still adjusting to food
so small bowl of soup it is! 

love veggie grill! 

from my favorite udon place
...too bad more than half went to waste
but i wanted SOUP! 

my favorite vegan restaurant! mmmmm~~~~ 

yummy lunch! 

white fish + grilled zucchinis

it was my first juice cleanse, but surprisingly wasn't that hard! 
true, it was no fun staring at the other person eat by oneself while sipping on the juice and i definitely felt weaker, but i wasn't starving nor felt dizzy! 
i am sure you might be curious on physical changes
well, i didn't 'lose weight' per se, but did lose some pounds since i didn't eat anything and was definitely under 1000cal/day drinking those juices! 
but because i didn't prepare in advance, my skin broke out like crazy (mainly with two big pimples which is now gone, phew) which was unfortunate, since my friend said her skin was glowing from within after a juice cleanse! 

the verdict is...
i enjoyed being on the juice cleanse and i would go on it again if needed!
also, it seemed to have made some ongoing changes as i am being more conscious of what i consume & when i have the option, i have been gravitating more towards healthier choices.....we will see how long this lasts ;)

 that's it for today-
from "happilyfull-on-life" 

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