Friday, August 31, 2012


it's fridayyyy
beginning of 3-day weekend (yayy!)
and it's last day of august (*gasp* time flies!)
...which means two weeks of accumulated instagram photos are here!

gloomy day snapshot at my house-

magnolia bakery treats!
blueberry pie, peach pie & banana pudding

steaming inside sauna on 100 degree weather
at oc fair, 2012

michael jackson by circue de soleil

grilled shrimps with garlic butter

white fish @ fish grill


love my city flops i can carry anywhere

new cuban joint by work

summer day work outfit-
yes, being in fashion = i can wear shorts to work!

nail-look i've been loving :)

curry udon pot

some things i am obsessed with...
1) bows, bows, bows
2) hot pink
3) drinks...yes, i am a hippo!

4) peach flavor
5) green tea...anything! 

friday outfit :D 

shabu shabu at shinsengumi

mint chocolate chip love!

a must in solvang! aebleskivers!

yummy yummy brunch in solvang! delicious! 

mini europe solvang

stop at winery

madonna inn

firestone grill
a must at san luis obispo

one of the best cakes ever!
pink champagne cake was aaaaaa-mazing!

avila beach beauty

i've been loving my 3.1 phillip lim's pashili satchel

easy way of touching up! sparkle ombre!

i know i've been lacking some restaurant reviews, which i will be getting to ;)
have a great labor day, everyone!

that's it for today-
from "happilyfull-on-life" 

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