Friday, August 10, 2012


happy friday, everyone! 
my week has been great, filled with lots of fun activities -- such as pixar in concert, oc fair, friend's visit, friend's housewarming and so on! 
sure, it was hot & la-area suffered several earthquakes, but my week went by fast and i am psyched for another weekend ahead! 

ferris wheel at the oc fair

these slides cost almost $5 for you to walk up
(on your own) and slide down (on your own)

2012 oc fair last until 8/12!
so if you are in the area, head there this weekend!

red velvet funnel cake
. . . .which i do not recommend . . .

my favorite vietnamese dish! banh beo! 

love these coconut milk dessert! 

california fish grill sure makes me happy

garlic butter shrimps

perfect on a hot summer day

crochet dress  makes me happy

world premiere of pixar in concert
for my post & videos, click here

i have a problem with jewelmint
but this purchase was worth it as i got
2 free butter london polishes! 

that's it for today-
 from "happilyfull-on-life" 

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