Friday, August 3, 2012


i cannot believe how fast each week is zooming by! 
...are you feeling the same?

i had a busy week packed with a lot of big events
& i am happy to say that my summer has been treating me well- 

beautiful wedding for my high school friend!

i have a problem...
...i eat the whole thing in one seating;;;

my pick for tacos: el pastor, chicharron & tripa

dinner at RA

inside my work's kitchen

pesto tortellini

berry hibiscus tea from starbucks

pretty shot while...(uh-oh) driving home

i think i gained about 5lbs after discovering this place

quick lunch

my favorite part of veggie grill!
i love their peach black tea!

starbucks run on a day when you are staying
extra long @ work 

walt disney concert hall for ipalpi orchestra 

femininity = happiness & freedom

i just noticed that this week's instagram photos are mostly on drinks! 
which makes sense because i am such a "hippo"!
...yes, i drink a lottttttttttt ;)

 that's it for today-

from "happilyfull-on-life" 

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