Wednesday, July 25, 2012

wood spoon

today's post is on a cute little brazilian restaurant hidden in downtown la, named wood spoon
instead of typical 'all you can eat' bbq which comes to mind when thinking of a 'brazilian cuisine', wood spoon offers smaller dishes and i just love how unpretentious this restaurant is! small, cozy, and very...well, not very la-like! 

i've been here for both lunch & dinner, total of about ~4times and enjoyed it each time! 
[lunch] & [dinner]

for you drinkers, try their brazilian sangria! it's really good! 
love bottled sugar cane sodas? wood spoon's got it!
i also really like their cinnamon infused water which has faint flavor of cinnamon

mix plate
-coxinha, potato croquette, portuguese croquette, pastel portuguese & kibe

side of collared greens

all of their brazilian grills are served with rice, beans, plantains, collard greens, salsa & farofa
from what i've tried--beef, chicken and brazilian sausage--my favorite was the brazilian sausage! 

brazilian chicken pot pie with hearts of palm, olives & roasted corn is what they are known for! 
i highly recommend that you try this as it is their specialty! do keep in mind that they are quite filling even though they look somewhat 'small' 
this creamy and savory comfort food will make you warm & happy especially with their crust being super soft, buttery and crispy at the same time-

pork burger
-roasted cabbage, onions on toasted potato bread & choice of yam fries or salad

franco com quiabo
-brazilian chicken stew with okra served with polenta and black beans

coconut macaroons on the house! 
even non-coconut lovers enjoyed this, as it was fresh out of the oven! mmm~

i am now happilyfull ♥ 
see you on my next adventure!


  1. Oh my goodness. The croquettes looks so crispy and delicious. Brazilian sausages are one of my favs and the ones in your pic look so plump and juicy!! YUMMM!

    1. mmmm~~~~~~~~~~~~ how are you doing, phoebe! still on your way here soon?

  2. the food looks amazing--i love comfort food and anything fried. great photos, and great review. love the name of the restaurant. :) hope you're well, and have a great rest of the wk!