Tuesday, June 5, 2012

mad hatter "tea of un birthdays"

although i am not really into big birthdays as i am aging, i did  want a themed celebration with my closest girlfriends this year
so this year, it was a tea party + hats

originally we were planning to go to a place where they already have old fashioned hats ready for you to put on & have a tea party, but due to reservation complications, i had to make last minute changes, hence ending up with another tea spot i've been dying to try 

i've been to gordon ramsay's restaurant at the london before, so it was a given that the location will be, well, very picture-friendly = check
upon checking menu online, they offered really good selection of savory + sweet bites = check
but in addition, their tea party was already named as: mad hatter "tea of un-birthdays"

i searched for mini hats that can go with the mad hatter theme as well as my very fashionable girlfriends...and who knew! i happened to have all the colors that matched their outfits! sixth sense? i  think so ;)

you can choose from their selection of teas:
earl grey, english breakfast, green tea, chamomile, darjeeling, organic peppermint, cassis, mountain berry, floral jasmine, life through water, harmony, tangerine, fresh mint

freshly baked scones 
 plain and blackcurrant  devonshire cream & lemon curd  

black brioche, smoked salmon and cucumber  
hummus with crisp shallot 
curried chicken -golden raisins 
roast beef -red onion marmalade

polka dot topped cupcakes 
brightly colored oversized macaroon 
purple panna cotta 
poached strawberries and coconut foam 
heart shaped fruit tart

favorite photo of the day with the lovely balloons that filled up the entire backseat + trunk of my friend's mini cooper!
aka my carrie bradshaw moment 

to finish, here's to the short clip of unbirthday party song from alice in wonderland

i am quite late on this update i said i was going to update, but better late then never! right? :)

i am now happilyfull ♥ 
see you on my next adventure! 

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