Tuesday, June 19, 2012

a day in pasadena

over the weekend, i was in pasadena langham, huntington for a bridal shower!
it was a beautiful (and super hot) day, or shall i say a perfect so.cal weather?
& we got to have tea-party while celebrating for my friend at a 'parisian' themed party :)

afterwards, i decided to hit up old town pasadena to shop around with a friend!
although i was very close, traffic was horrendous and i realized that many roads have been blocked! "something is going on~" i told my friend who was also stuck in traffic, and of course...
turned out that there was make music pasadena 2012 happening that day!
a lot of vendors were there, giving out free samples & doing events in addition to live music
but since it was blazing hot, my friend & i spent majority of our time inside
first at intelligentsia coffee drinking $9.50 juice which was super tasty
& at lush, "ahh~"ing over all the products & buying more than i planned on (as always)
and also getting a complimentary foot massage which led to purchasing another product ;)

and since i heard about the pasadena chalk festival from the nice lush guy who gave me a foot massage, we ended up few blocks to paseo
i felt that many artists were tired from the heat, but we did see some amazing art work!
i happened to like the black & white art more for some reason
and my personal winner this year was definitely 'albert einstein'


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