Saturday, June 9, 2012


my favorite place to shop is definitely south coast plaza
normally, i go earlier during the day & don't stay there for dinner but i recently got super hungry while shopping and wanted to try a place i haven't tried before
so it was, hello~ anqi, a place i've been meaning to try for a while!

anqi is a 'gourmet bistro"& it is a sister restaurant of the famous crustacean in beverly hills 
i haven't yet tried crustacean, but after such pleasant experience at anqi, i am definitely heading there to try some of their drunken crabs!

overall, good vibe, good service, good food and it is located at my favorite shopping center! what's not to like? 

this is what we chose from their menu

bao bun 
roasted kurabota, pork belly, pickled cucumbers, mongolian bbq

misoyaki butterfish
bhutanese red cargo rice, thai herbs, broccolini, dijon-misoyaki glaze

sauteed bok choy

whole maine lobster with garlic noodle

they also have a special "evening of couture & cuisine" event one wednesday a month, so that might be a fun way to enjoy both fashion show & food, if you are a shopaholic foodie like myself! 
although i won't be able to make it to their special wednesday nights due to work, i am definitely going to come back here to try more of their food

i am now happilyfull ♥ 
see you on my next adventure! 


  1. The food looks absolutely amazing! I have a question to ask. I'll be headed to LA for a couple of days at the end of June and was wondering if you had any food recommendations. :)

    1. i have TONS ;) what area will u be staying in? what type of food? i will organize a list for you ;)