Friday, May 4, 2012

quick recap of my birthday

T.G.I.F. everyone!

it was my birthday recently & my friends helped me gain tons of weight filled with yummy food, here's a quick recap of how i spent my birthday!
although getting another year older is a scary thing, i actually felt okay this year! and my friends made my birthday extra special with so much love~~~

i honestly would not prefer being any younger if i had to go back to where i was at the age, because i like who i am now-

all these instagram photos can be easily followed 
via happilyfull's [twitter] & [facebook]

 that's it for today-
from "happilyfull-on-life" 


  1. look so pretty! Happy birthday!!! Looks like you had a LOT of sweets! LOL :)

    1. aww thank you sooooooo much, cynthia!!! :D :D how did the move go?