Wednesday, May 2, 2012

pâtisserie chantilly

one of my favorite dessert places is pâtisserie chantilly
i have a soft spot for cakes & my favorite sweets are definitely japanese pastries or french pastries
so, since pâtisserie chantilly has both japanese/french touches to their goodness, i can't help but to love them . . .

as written on their website (shaàNte yée) is a sweetened whipped cream. the name for this cream is said to have originated from the ancient white castle in france, chateau de chantilly. 

pastry chef keiko nojima has created a patisserie dedicated in satisfying the palettes of all types of pastry lovers. whether it is a traditional cheesecake or a unique french-style pastry with a japanese touch, she is committed to bring out the best qualities of each ingredient, some of which are imported from japan. always striving to produce only high-quality pastries, every detail is carefully handcrafted by the chef. all of the pastries are guaranteed to be made fresh daily with no additives or preservatives.
enjoy them with a delicious cup of crema coffee--brewed with premium espresso beans imported from italy--or a warm cup of english tea or japanese green tea

honestly, everything i've tried from here have been A-mazing!!!
here's the menu for you to get a glimpse of-
my pick? although it's hard to just pick one, i highly recommend their [black sesame cream puff] which is just as amazing as beard papa's but with a twist-

. . . because i couldn't take photos of all that i've tried
and i still need few more i need to try myself . . . 
here are more photos of delicious pastry goods from  pâtisserie chantilly from their website


you can also find more photos on their facebook
they are open wed-sun and some mondays, so make sure to check before heading out there!
i've had the mistakes of just dropping by to see them closed which made me very sad-

so if you are the area
or if you want some quality dessert that will bring "party in your mouth", check this place out- 

i am now happilyfull ♥ 
see you on my next adventure! 


  1. oh my goodness! Those desserts look like perfection!! :D

    1. it is!!! can't get enough of this pastisserie!

  2. Everything looks delicious! I love Japanese/French desserts too, very light and yummy :)

    1. agreed!!! japanese/french desserts ARE very light! hence, you can always stuff yourself no matter how full you are ;)
      have a great day, katherine!