Wednesday, May 9, 2012


although i usually like to hold off on the post until i check out a restaurant at least twice or more, i decided that from now on i will try to have more entries and have them get updated as i go!

today, i want to introduce you to huckleberry bakery & cafe
it's been on my yelp bookmark for a while but i only just recently got to try it!
even before going, i was expecting good things--from their reviews AND since it is a sister restaurant of my very favorite ice cream place sweet rose creamery, which happened to be my very first review as well (you can find my review right here
as the wife of the huckleberry learned to bake at tartine bakery in san francisco, which was one of my favorite bakeries, i knew also knew that their baked goods were going to be over-the-top! everything served at huckleberry is made on site using the best quality ingredients,  including organic flour, vahlrona chocolate and farmer's market produce

at huckleberry bakery & cafe, you order first and then find your seat 
so choose from their homemade artisan breads, morning pastries, breakfast items, soups, salads, sandwiches, rotisserie chickens and deck oven flatbread pizza and so on from their chalk board [menu]

since i didn't know what to order, as literally everything looked so delicious, i asked for recommendations (fried egg sandwich, warm creekstone farm's brisket plate and brussel sprouts) & surely...i absolutely loved them! 

since everything i tried was "henven-in-my-mouth", i am already excited to go back and try more goodies! i also heard that their brunch is amazing ;)
i promise that i will make sure to update after trying more things! 

i am now happilyfull ♥ 
see you on my next adventure! 


  1. Everything looks scrumptious! And that blood orange drink is such a pretty color!

    1. awww glad u enjoyed :D yes! that blood orange drink not only looked pretty, it tasted really good too! ;D so refreshing!