Thursday, April 19, 2012

11 most reached for beauty items

after being missing-in-action for few weeks,
i am.......................BACK!

as a returning post, i wanted to start with a beauty post-
here are some make-up items i keep reaching for over & over again!

these meteorites pearls have been around for a very long time and there is a reason why it's loved! 
if you want a subtle glow on your face, this is it- 
i also love how they changed the packaging to a more convenient & sturdy case rather than their original paper packaging...yes, loved it so much that i have both! 
guerlain + pucci actually just released a new limited edition packaging which might be worth checking out if you are a big beauty junkie-
as for the brush, yes, i think it's worth it especially when you are using with the pearls! 

02 dewy papaya
09 cool guava

i am pretty 'lazy' with my lipsticks because you (most likely) have to re-apply often after eating so when i do put something on, i use lipglosses or lip balms 
this, however, has both! 
not only is it super moisturizing, it also slightly give you a healthier tint, especially if you get the darker shades- 
from all the lipsticks out there, ysl volupte sheer candy is definitely my favorite-

although there are so many mascaras out there in the market and i use many different types,
the mascara i turn to when all else fails is definitely the diorshow original
i don't know what it is about this but i've been loving it since my high school days
& i still love it!
also, although there are mixed reviews on this item, i also have been really enjoying their diorshow curlheating lash curler which you use after the mascara dries

of all the liquid eyeliners there are, my favorite is hands down the dolly wink eyeliner- 
not only does it create very thin line, very easily, it also lasts long time, even on my droopy easily-prone-to-be-panda-eyes
another perks is that this does not dry out quickly and lasts quite a long time, which makes it an excellent product to invest in! 
you can find these at a local japanese market or online but they do run out quite often, so i try to stock up on them when i can...yes, i love it that much! 

i am a foundation junkie.period.
whenever there is a new foundation, i get the urge to try it even though i have *shrug* about 20 different foundations in my make-up drawer at the moment- 
but when i have a special occasion or my skin is not being a good sport, i turn to my guerlain
it is a pricey foundation but it is the most reliable foundation i ever used ;)

glow on m peach 44

want natural 'innocent' cheeks? this is the best- 
i love most shu uemura products (hence i was very sad when they discontinued their line in the states) and of all, their glow on blushes are my favorites! 

i am a huge blush lover even though most of my shades are one of the two: light pink or peachy
from the blushes, benefit box powders have been stealing my heart for a while because they are, again,very reliable-
from all the ones i own, i like the sugarbomb the best because no matter how much you apply on top, the color doesn't get too overwhelming-

best illuminator to mix in with your foundation that's suitable even for oily skin texture! 
when i wear this product, it makes my skin glow & makes it look like i have better skin than my own! for that reason, i love! 

i used many different types of powders and this has been one of my favorites! 
i mean, who wouldn't if a powder made you look better, especially on photos? ;)
cargo products are amazing so it disappointed me when sephora no longer carried them, but no worries, because ulta carries cargo- 

are you lazy to put both spf & primer? that happens to me at times
does your skin not absorb different steps of face routine & you get balls of make-up by the end? that happens to me at times
if so, this can cure it because not only does it give you the spf 50 coverage, face protect can act like a primer too! 
there are other face sunblocks such as shiseido or diorsnow, but my go-to primer & sunblock in one has been mac's prep + prime face protect spf50

need i say more?
who doesn't love naked palettes?
i was lucky with both palettes and got on the bandwagon super quickly both times, but from the two, i like the naked2 better because although i suit the warm-tone shades better, the colors here are 'lighter' and my eyes look better with 'lighter' colors

shortly, i will be back with my favorite skin + body + hair products- 

 that's it for today-
from "happilyfull-on-life" 


  1. naked palettes are the best. :) great beauty products you featured here. :)


    1. hi jasmine! how have you been!!! :D
      thanks for your comment as always dear~