Friday, March 2, 2012


when i first started this blog, 
i decided the main focus to be on f-o-o-d
because that is my ultimate passion.

but i am a girly-girl & love all things girly and i promised that i would focus on other things, such as fashion & beauty!
. . . .yes, i admit. i haven't been very good at following up in those departments yet, but hopefully it will change!

 i am no beauty guru, but i am quite a big beauty junkie-
i've always been in love with make-up but as i am 'aging' i've been focusing on skincare more than make-up itself!  
these are the skincare products i am using currently
(& first photos taken by my new nikon)

[whitening care]
i get tanned very easily. . . so to me, whitening care is a priority-
honestly, i am not sure if these 'whitened' my skin at all, but gotta continue using them as a preventative method!
i've tried shiseido 's white lucent line but instead of purchasing another spot targeting serum, i switched to dior's d-na control which works for me better!
& of course . . . sk-II really is amazing for whitening & their facial treatment essence is worth all the type-
naruko was a line i came to know thanks to the beauty gurus & i have to say, great product for how affordable the line it! i especially love the jelly-texture & scent for this product
rest of the products will have to be reviewed later as i am still testing them out & don't want to speak too soon

 [deep hydration]
my skin is definitely on the 'oily combination' side
however, this past winter, it's been super dry! so dry that i almost have to use thick cream-based moisturizers unlike my preferred gen-based moisturizer
i am quite in love with every single one of these products here
biotherm has been my favorite go-to item since my trouble skin days in high school so i try to stock up on them, as they are no longer available in the us counters! i've used up so many of those jars & i still love them!
boscia is my newest addition after falling in love with their black mask & i've been loving it so far! especially their pump method!
guerlain works great but it is definitely pricey . . . is it a must? i don't thik so.
last but not least, i got to know about rexaline from sephora & these are my 2nd round using them because they hydrate me during 'emergency' when i really need deep moisture! unfortunately, it seems like they are no longer available :(

biotherm aquasource deep hydration replenishing gel
boscia revitalizing black hydration gel
guerlain super aqua serum
guerlain super aqua eye serum
rexaline hydra-force concentrated hyper-hydrating anti-wrinkle serum
rexaline hydra-dose hyper-hydrating skin-densifying anti-wrinkle cream

 [wrinkle prevention]
i always knew that winkle care should start from early 20s
but i admit. i've been very lazy in that department because i didn't see any wrinkles + didn't really have dark circles until about a year ago-
but once i started to see any signs, i ran to purchase some olay products!
i will invest in even better winkle care in few years but for now, these will do-
remember, prevent prevent, before you regret like me!

dr.brandt collagen booster

 [acne control]
 no thanks to hormonal imbalance, i've suffered from annoying blemishes growing up!
although much more calm now, i still suffer from those acne here & there so these are a must!
my pick for troubles? definitely lush
i also highly recommend lush's cosmetic warrior face mask 

[misc skincare]
these are some other specialty items or regular moisturizers i am using currently-
i used up the big bottle of lacome's genifique, but didn't see results :( i was pretty sad because it was a hyped product but hopefully it worked better for you! 
as for chanel, there were days when i used all chanel for my skincare, but i stopped because as amazing as some products were, they are definitely pricey and i wanted to try others! this moisturizer, however, is another one of emergency moisturizer that really helps me out on a busy morning or on a special day when you need thin-layer of moisture that will last throughout the day! 
dior's capture totale rituel nuit is a gentle peel you put on at night which is so convenient and yes, you really can tell the difference in the morning! 
la roche-posay's cicaplast is a popular item that is known to be used after a gentle facial treatment to help your skin recover fast & surely... i like to put on this product after getting a facial when the skin is still sensitive
i love both estee lauder products below but must let you know that the ddf moisturizer is only in my collection because i got it for free at sephora in 2010 when they were giving out a full-sized products if you purchase so many skincare items ;)

la roche-posay cicaplast 

so if you were looking to try any of the products above or have been shopping for new type of skincare item, hope you found this post helpful-
let me know if you have any questions on any particular item!

 that's it for today-
from "happilyfull-on-life" 


  1. I've been trying to find some good preventive wrinkle cream....lots of info here :) I'm also a new follower.


    1. oh thanks, erica! :D i don't have too many recs for wrinkle care yet because i haven't tried too many ;) but estee lauder's brown bottle is miraculous ;)