Wednesday, March 21, 2012

korean sashimi

yes, you will be thinking of of your usual japanese raw fish when you hear the word: sashimi

however, recently i've been loving "korean-sashimi"

looks the same?
it does...
for now...

sashimi platter

but in actuality, in addition to some sort of sashimi platter, you get all of this!!! 
(although it does differs from each restaurants & fresh fish of the day & what kind of "special package" you decide to get)

*please note that i never got to take photos of ALL the food because i get overwhelmed with everything they bring you, so did have to combine photos from few different visits and picked only the 'impressive' looking food to post*

abalone porridge
seafood salad
fresh oysters
salmon skin, sea squirt, and unknown dish
sea cucumber & sea squirt
turban shell
trumpet shell
live octopus
fresh abalones
lobster sashimi
lobster sashimi
steamed lobster
uni rice
creamy potatoes, sweet potato tempura, steamed fish
spicy seafood stew

usually after going through all these 'courses' of food, they give you a hand-roll to 'cleanse' your palette.
pretty impressive, no?

if you are easily grossed out,  i recommend that you do not click on the play button for below videos-

how you usually eat "chopped" live octopus

famous scene from the movie old boy

overall, korean sashimi may seem expensive because you purchase "packages" you share with your table which usually goes up easily to $100+
however, if you were to eat all these seafood at a japanese sahimi place, it will be a lot more expensive as i usually spend $70+ just for myself when i eat nice 'sushi'

so next time you are craving some fresh raw fish, try going to a good korean sashimi place because you really can 'fill your stomach' with raw fish without really killing your wallet-

i am now happilyfull ♥ 

see you on my next adventure! 


  1. Replies
    1. you know exactly why it's special, right, cynthia? ;) hahah

  2. It looks so delicious! The sea cucumber and sea squirt look intimidating but I must try some day. The unknown dish is monkfish liver.

    1. OH! is that what it is? i didn't try it because it looked intimidating to me ;) hahah!
      i like the sea cucumber but i never liked the sea squirt much- you should definitely give it a try! esp the live octopus if you haven't ;)

  3. Looks sooo good,! How's the uni rice?

  4. the food looks amazing! I am crazing sushi now ;)

  5. Looks so good, I am craving sushi now!