Tuesday, February 21, 2012


hope everyone had a wonderful weekend or if you are lucky, a 3-days weekend!

 so recently, my foodie friends & i were discussing over many other restaurants 'to try' together
but finally, we came to a conclusion to try  vol.94  which actually impressed the ladies by its outer appearance from colorado blvd (although they technically only have a banner as their name at the momemnt) & well, our picky gentlemen kindly agreed that they were 'okay' with trying this place as well-

look how beautiful the restaurant is!!!
i definitely fell in love with the decor & their dimly lit chandeliers
also, i loved how they used the wine bottles to store & decorate two sides of the walls-

now the food-
please do note that this place might be more suitable for the ladies as the portions are . . . well, small, as they are tapas style!
since we had men that did not get full from the dinner, so we ended up walking over to another restaurant for dinner #2! 

so as much as it might be a cute date spot, i think it's perfect for ladies night 
(and surely . . .  85% of diners were ladies)

so! as you know, there are lots of 'fusion' restaurants nowadays but i recently tried "korean-french" fusion for the first time at vol.94 in pasadena

actually, i should rephrase it...even though i called it a korean-fusion, it's actually more of a contemporary american food with a french twist + asian influence- 
but either way, sounds interesting, no?
here is their menu

deciding what to eat . . . .
i think it's the hardest part of eating!
pb & j
-with polenta, bacon, tomato jam
roasted asparagus
-with brown Butter, poached egg
pan seared diver scallop
-cauliflower two ways, roasted pine nuts
purple cauliflower
-sultanas puree, vadouvan, garam masala marcona
chicken + waffles
risotto with xo sauce
pork belly
-duchesse lacquered, apple-celeriac puree, papaya slaw
hanger steak
-aji, broccolini, red chimichurri

so next time you are out in pasadena
& you want to grab tapas, keep this place in mind! 
i actually enjoyed all the dishes as they were 'different' than your usual spanish tapas-

i am now happilyfull ♥ 
see you on my next adventure!


  1. Everything looks yummy! :)

    Thanks for dropping by my blog.

  2. Ahhhhhh U just make me feel so hungry hahahaha
    Thank you for coming to my blog ^^

    1. of course!!! blog hop was one of the best ideas ever ;)

  3. hi, there! the food looks amazing.

    your blog is great! thanks for following... following you also on google and twitter. hope to see more of each other. :) cheers!


    1. hi jasmine! ty ty~!!!
      very excited to see more of each other :D

  4. First off, those chandeliers are amazing! Are they as big as they look?!
    And second, the food looks incredible. I love tapas....you never get bored with what you're eating!
    Just found your blog :-)
    XO - Marion

    1. hi marion! yes! the chandeliers were big! and i agree! i love tapas because you get to eat more of MORE! (esp because i am not a big buffet lover)
      thanks for visiting & i will fly over to yours right now!

  5. Gorgeous pictures!!! I'm super hungry now after reading your blog :) I found you through the blog hop and happy I did :)



    1. hi michelle! ty for visiting! excited to see your blog as well!

  6. food looks divine!!! i always get so jealous when I see amazing food posts and photos lol

    found you through blog hop, i'm now a follower of yours.
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    1. hi rina! yay, thank you for visiting + following! i will do the same ;)

  7. That restaurant looks and sounds beautiful! I don't think we have anything like it in Dublin xo

    1. hello! dublin! i've never been able to visit there yet! would love to someday ;)