Sunday, February 19, 2012!

as promised via twitter,
i would like to take you on an adventure with me to see the beautiful blue ocean
sunny sky + warm weather with a nice breeze + breathtakingly gorgeous view = i was a happy camper :)

[all photos were taken by my iphone, which is just 4, not 4s, but the photo quality really impresses me enough to not use my real camera at times *wink*]

point vincente interpretive center
yup. it's a well-known "whale-watching" spot
museum opens daily from 10am ~ 5pm
point vincente interpretive center 
i love coming here to just walk around, admiring the ocean-
there were a lot of people that day!!!
all trying to spot some whales ;)
you can learn more about whales here! 
point vincente interpretive center 
point vincente interpretive center 
super sunny!!!
i don't like getting tanned (i tanned too easily) but i love sunny days! 
beautiful palos verdes 
fresh smell of the ocean breeze~~~ 
don't you just love the sun sparkling on the blue ocean?
point vincente lighthouse
now this is a very famous shot
meaning . . . everyone probably thinks of this picture when they think
of palos verdes ;) there are also many paintings you can find of this-
beautiful sight makes me realize how amazing
god really is ;)
so put on your comfty shoes & walk around here!
i know you will love it ;)

did i convince you to drive over to palos verdes
if so, this is what the drive down hawthorne blvd will look like-
(but you have to promise me that you will not admire at the view if you are the driver!!!)

& if you are in the area, i highly recommend that you check out the golden cove center,
because you can dine while having an awesome view of the ocean

there are couple of restaurants for you to choose from,
but my favorite place to just drop by is definitely the starbucks, which is probably the best starbucks location e-v-e-r! 
you will have to fight for the "outdoor seating" on a beautiful day and people usually linger & don't leave right away, but it's so worth it-

yup. eat while u admire ;) 
some days are not as clear as it does get quite foggy here,
so try to pick a nice sunny day-
best starbucks location ever!!! 
asaka sushi & grill
asaka sushi & grill
asaka sushi & grill
asaka sushi & grill
asaka sushi & grill
swan thai
trader joe's
trader joe's

last but not least,
here are some instagram photos from that day-
i love how vintage-y the photos look when using instagram ;)

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 that's it for today-
from "happilyfull-on-life" 


  1. feeling very up to date with the coastal region!

  2. seeing all of your lovely pictures is making me want to pick up and go on vacation like right now. :)

    1. awww~~~ yeah i can't go on a real vacation right now, so these "mini outings" that makes me "feel like" i am on a vacay would do for now ;)

  3. What a fun and relaxing day...looks like you packed a lot of fun stuff in one day!