Wednesday, February 8, 2012

"quick" semi-homemade meal

do you have those days when you just don't have enough time or energy to cook after work? 
or when you are really hungry but too lazy to cook cook nor to drive out to a restaurant?

with  the help of trader joe's, you too can prepare a super quick, semi-homemade meal! 
by the end of the post, you will end up with a meal that looks like you spent more time cooking than you actually did- 

 spinach + mixed greens
edamame (you can quickly steam or use pre-cooked ones from trader joe's)
yellow grape tomatoes
evoo + salt + vinegar + lemon (or any other salad dressing of your choice)

2 types of pizzas
heating up pizzas in the oven doesn't take very long-
although it might seem easier to order delivery pizza, it's actually much faster to heat-up pizza at home! i actually can't remember the last time i ordered pizza-
so stock up few pizzas of your choice in your freezer! i promise you that you will find them very handy ;) 

depending on the types of pizza you are preparing  you can also add more fresh ingredients like peppers, veggies, meat or more cheese on top to customize it the way you like it-

but my favorite pizza to heat up is the one on the left called tarte d’alsace
which is a thin crust (i mentioned earlier but i only like thin-crust pizzas!) covered with ham, gruyere cheese, and caramelized onions
there is also a vegetarian version of  tarte d'champignons (mushrooms) but i prefer the tarte d'alsace better
if you haven't tried, you must run to a trader joe's now!

beef stroganoff
this one is easy because you can just microwave!
but i prefer mine in the oven to make it tastier . . . 

if you are super lazy, stock up your refrigerator with some of these pre-made food you can find by the sushi/salad pack isle & just heat them up after a long day at work! 


when you are making real pasta, just make extra, put the left-over in a container, freeze it, and warm it up when you need it! 
whipping up a pasta is very easy, but there are those lazy days when even simple cooking becomes very burdensome ;)

fresh cherries
i think fresh fruits are the best kind of desserts
yes, i actually prefer this over any other sweets! 
(. . . although ice cream will always be on the top of my list)

so pick fresh fruits of your choice and wash them cleanly 
 i prefer to soak my fruits in water with couple drops of vinegar to really cleanse them
& serve! 

so what do you think?

wasn't it easy? 
even if you've never stepped a foot into the kitchen, you too can cook a 'nice-looking' 'full-on meal' very quickly- 

i am now happilyfull ♥ 

see you on my next adventure!

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