Monday, February 6, 2012


located on the corner of beverly blvd & poinsettia in los angeles
milk is one of my favorite place to go, mainly for their dessert as well as light food

as you can see from the name, if you love dairy products, this is the place to check out!
whether it be homemade ice cream, sorbet, shakes, floats, baked goods, cookies, drinks or even food, i guarantee that your visit will be enjoyable!

in addition, their simple yet industrial ambiance but with a vintage vibe just makes you fall in love with this shop even more-

well, since "photos speak louder than words" as i always say, i will just let you drool over the photos instead of continuing with my scribbles

so are you ready for the amazing dessert?

yes, they are known for their home-made ice cream
but what's better than just the ice cream?
i say, ice cream sandwiches made with giant macarons!!!
yup, i love milk's macaron ice cream sandwich because i love ice cream + i love macarons = so you really get the taste of both worlds at once! how awesome & convenient is that!
it's so good that you can even find these at umami burger (reviews of umami burger, another one of my favorite burger spot, to come soon)

in addition, they have great ice-cream bars for the days when you didn't save enough room for dessert
as well as blue velvet cake, mini red velvet cupcake, amazing cookies (their snicker doodle & chocolate chip are my favorites), ice cream sundaes, and bonbons!


now only the dessert, but milk has some yummy food!
i haven't tried too many on the list, but i did get chopped cobb three times already because i really like it!
chopped cobb: with turkey breast, aged cheddar, bacon, tomato, hard-boiled egg, avocado and green goddess dressing

in addition to their food menu you can also find their special of the days as well

& here are some more photos directly from the milk website to get you guys even more excited!

i am telling you . . .
once you try milk,  you will get addicted
because milk will put a spell on  you-

i am now happilyfull ♥ 
see you on my next adventure!


  1. you've tried it, right cynthia??? :D
    although sd doesn't have milk, you have extraordinary ;)