Thursday, February 16, 2012

i quit!

today's post will be a very personal one as i celebrate my 6 months of being alcohol-free!

you may ask . . .
but that just means it's been 6months since i "quit" alcohol

"what? were you an alcoholic?"
you may ask . . .
but i can promise you that i was nowhere near being an alcoholic who needed AA meetings ;)

if you are reading my blog posts, you will know that i am a big foodie!
i love food & i get happiest when i eat something delicious
 for that very reason, i loved drinking alcoholic drinks that 'taste good'-
i mean, the only reason why i really even liked drinking was seriously because it taste good. really. to me, some drinks actually taste real good.

[downtown la bar hopping night with prior to quitting]
as you can see from the many rounds of cheers! i have a rather 'high tolerance' while not having the "asian glow"
(although this was definitely on the 'a glass too many' side when i was going through some hardships last year)

round 1
hot sake & fruity cocktail @ izakaya fu-ga

round 2
cocktail art @ the varnish

round 3
tasty champagne drink @ the falls lounge

round 4
just one more cocktail @ the association

"so why did you quit?"
you may ask . . .

in the beginning, it was because i wanted to cut off something from my life that can make me 'better'
. . .  although drinking does not mean you are bad, it was somewhat of a personal decision that pushed my heart to 'try giving up' as i grew more spiritually-

yes, i wanted to give up something for god & stop 'compromising' so that i don't become a 'sunday christian

when i first started, i wasn't even sure how long i would last . . .
although this might not be a hard decision for others, to someone who eat out a lot, who likes trying new things & a big foodie that actually likes the taste of alcohol, it was a big deal-
. . . i admit . . . i did have half a glass of wine once at a friend's birthday party 2nd week from my 'i quit' date but since then, i did not want to drink, feel the need to drink nor was peer-pressured to drink, even in drinking atmospheres or an open-bar wedding (nop, didn't even have champagne!)

i am not trying to be religious nor judgmental towards those who drink as this is strictly a personal decision, and because it really wasn't even my own strength to just quit 'something yummy' i liked cold turkey-
but as a month became two months to six months,
i began to realize that being 'sober minded' really helps me to have clearer outlook on life and keep my focus on higher things & it actually made me stronger to have a firm stance on my own actions based on my beliefs, which i am not so used to, as i am easily persuaded;;

these verses in the scripture really spoke to me & really helped me keep my focus:
ephesians 5:15-18 "be very careful then, how  you live -- not as unwise but as wise, making the most of every opportunity, because the days are evil. therefore, do not be foolish, but understand what the lord's will is. do not get drunk on wine, which leads to debauchery. instead, be filled with the spirit"
ephesians 4:27 "and do not give the devil a foothold"
1 john 1:6 "if we claim to have fellowship with him yet walk in the darkness, we lie and do not live by the faith" 

also, since quitting alcohol & naturally started to avoid certain areas, there has been some great perks!
no 'additional pounds from the booze (although i still eat too much which doesn't help-), no $$$ spent on drinks after another (i occasionally go for virgin drinks, although i usually stick to h2o), and i love not having to worry about driving!!! (no need to worry about dui!!!)

& finally
"are you going to stop drinking forever???"
you may ask . . .

the answer is no
i will have a glass if there is a big celebration or if i really want to have a ice cold beer or a good wine, because i don't want to be an extremist-
but most likely, i will be happy without it!

hope that didn't bore you too much!
or hopefully you already stopped reading if you got bored ;)

i just really felt the need to share my story especially after hearing jeremy lin's humble testimonies that really touched me-

here's one
[i love a man that can confidently share his testimony]

so glad i got the chance to share
since i haven't even explained the real why to my friends as i wanted to see if i can keep my goal first!

special thanks to all those who helped me & supported my decision in the past couple months!
i truly appreciate everyone accepting my 'party-pooper' ways & loving me for who i am ;)

that's it for today-
from "happilyfull-on-life" 


  1. Wow...admire you for doing that! I don't know if I will ever be able to quit. :/ Good for you though!