Friday, February 10, 2012

bottega louie

i have the hardest time when people ask me 
"what's your favorite restaurant?"

. . . it's because there are just so many amazing restaurants out there-
and i like different restaurants for different reason!
i mean... if someone asked you "what is your favorite food" can you pick just one? i sure can't ;)

i do, however, like to "recommend" restaurants" depending on what you are looking for-
of all, bottega louie just might be one of my most recommended, most visited restaurant!

so get ready, because this post is going to be long one filled with lots of photos!

i love the setting of bottega louie
from outside to inside, to high ceiling, to minimal yet modern touch of decor in white... you really feel like you are in nyc rather than in la!
add in super friendly waiters that look amazing (well, it depends nowadays but in the beginning...oh boy! those waiters were hot!) & affordable prices
and top it it off with food that is consistent?
how can  you not love this place?

i always appreciate any open-kitchen because it shows that they are confident with their food-
and as someone who likes to spend time in the kitchen, it's just so fun seeing them toss salads!

now here is where i do bring in the cons for this place...
there are only two:

1. you will have to valet... 
because it's not in the area of downtown where you can find street parking
2. they don't take reservations
so you will have to wait...especially if you have a big group or if you are there on weekends

but why do i go back again & again?
because, you can wait happily!!!

they have really beautiful bakery/deli you can stare at for hours 
and if you are really desperately hungry, you have the option to fill up your growling stomach with some goodies prior to getting your table



or if you don't have sweet tooth
or if you are more macho than to drool over beautiful pastries,
then you can easily wait by the bar-

the wait is not too bad when there are so many things you can do . . . right?

once seated, the tough part of  'deciding what to order' starts . . .
since pretty much everything you order is delicious, so that makes it even harder to choose what to order!

finally . . . 
time for . . .

lasagna & trenne
with a side of cauliflowers
onion gratinee
caramelized onions, marsala wine,
mozzarella & provolone
arugula, red onions, reggiano parmesan, evoo,
lemon juice & cracked pepper
portobello fries
aka "must order" item at bottega louie
even if you are not a big fan of mushrooms, you should try-
. . .  because these are probably the most famous menu from BL
dip the fried portobello in the aioli & enjoy
kennebec french fries
even their french fries are delicious-
it's also a plus that these are shoestring fries ;)
romaine hearts, reggiano, parmesan,
garlic herbed croutons & caesar dressing
fried calamari
brussels sprouts & pistachios
green beans 
sauteed broccolini
meatballs marinara
squid raviolis
ricotta, mozzarella, grana parmesan, roasted garlic & wild rocket arugula
burrata, grana parmesan, rapini, garlic, evoo & prosciutto di parma
mozzarella, pecorino romano, roasted bell peppers,
thyme, garlic & surf clams
mozzarella, grana parmesan, tomato sauce, basil & oregano
mozzarella, grana parmesan, tomato sauce, oregano, red onions,
white mushrooms & olives
fontina cheese, fresh mozzarella, creme fraiche, shiitake mushrooms,
garlic & italian parsley
mozarella, grana parmesan, tomato sauce, oregano & fennel sausage
most likely, you will have some pizza left-over
but it's good even when you heat it up!
chicken parmesan
pan sauteed breaded chicken breast, pomodoro sauce,
mozzarella & reggiano parmesan
pork chop
grilled prime pork chop, grilled onions & apples
pork chop is served with a house made applesauce 
traditional bolognese meat ragu, bechamel, buffalo mozzarella,
ricotta & grana parmesan
mediterranean mussels, budding chives, grilled peasant bread
& sauce americaine
pan sauteed trenne pasta with braised prime rib eye,
tuscan black kale & shaved grana parmesan

in additional to their amazing lunch/dinner,
bottega louie has some amazing weekend brunch!

fresh apple juice
50/50 juice
apple pineapple
french toast
pain de mie, seasonal berry compote & vermont maple syrup
lemon ricotta pancakes
served with house made blueberry syrup
you can get the portobello fries for brunch too!
farmers market breakfast
poached eggs, potatoes, golden baby beets, shiitake mushrooms,
tomatoes & reggiano parmesan
poached eggs in farmer's market breakfast
pancetta & burrata scramble
pancetta, caramelized cippolini onions, mushrooms & burrata
breakfast flatbread
prosciutto, mozzarella, baked egg, house made arrabiata sauce & arugula
eggs benedict
poached eggs, canadian bacon, spinach, english muffin
& hollandaise sauce
french ham turkey, smoked bacon, gruyere, tomato, avocado,
hard-boiled egg & watercress
smoked salmon eggs benedict
poached eggs, smoked salmon, creme fraiche, red onions,
sauteed greens, potato pancake & hollandaise sauce
lobster hash
main lobster tail, yukon gold potatoes, shallots, two poached eggs
& paprika hollandaise sauce
lobster hash
main lobster tail, yukon gold potatoes, shallots, two poached eggs
& paprika hollandaise sauce

if you still have room for dessert, then you must try their chocolate souffle!!!
it does take 20 minutes of preparation, so i recommend that you order it a little before you finish your meal-
i get it pretty much whenever i am at bottega louie because it's that delicious

or you can opt for something lighter & faster from their bakery
like their fruit tart or macarons

[dessert menu]

bottega louie's chocolate souffle
bottega louie's chocolate souffle
bottega louie's chocolate souffle
farmers market tart
orange blossom cream & fresh farmers market fruits
earl grey macaron

last but not least
even the way they bring the bill makes the whole dining experience pleasant
yup, cherry on top of a sundae-

and . . .
when you leave...
make sure to bring back some deliciousness with you! 


if you are a big foodie, their food might not be "mind-blowing" for you . . .
. . .  however,  you will appreciate the whole dining experience at bottega louie which has been very consistent during my many many visits. . .

so, as i recommended it to so many others
if you haven't been to bottega louie yet, it's a must ;)

i am now happilyfull ♥ 
see you on my next adventure!


  1. very comprehensive!
    miss this place! & their portobello fries! really very beautiful post!

  2. thank you emw! :D took me a while to hunt back all the photos from my archive but well worth it if you enjoyed reading :D