Friday, January 27, 2012

a very mexican dinner

it all started with fresh radish sighting at the market . . .

. . . because i love those red radishes with lots of lime, while eating $1 tacos at the taco stands . . .
i had sudden craving of, well . . . tacos!
and i decided to have a taco night with the family 

next day, in order to get fresh ingredients for the taco night, i was ready to head to the market!
that's when my sister said "just tacos? can you make some tortilla soup too? and why not the spanish rice?? and horchata???" 
i believe she was half-joking at first or not . . .
but it did stuck with me as i drove to the market
now . . .
i've never made the tortilla soup but i said "why NOT try!" 
after that, it was shop shop shop

of course, buying the ingredients was easy, because all mexican food involves around the "basics"
but that meant a lot of things to wash, chop, mix, grill, boil, all at the same time! phew!
yeah, i ended up staying in the kitchen for 2hrs preparing, mainly focusing on really getting the flavors of the soup, because i am pretty picky with my mexican food ;)

so let's get on with the cooking! 

stir few different colors of peppers (i added red, yellow & orange)
+ onions
+ red onions
the longer you cook, more flavor you will get out of it!
also add in salt + pepper for flavoring
cook until golden
+ add in some taco seasoning for flavor
i cooked some chicken with taco seasoning on the side 
which you can dump in the pot!
i also added chopped tomatoes, including the juice you get from chopping
time to add chicken stock
add tomato paste to add "color" and "flavor"
add black beans after draining out the juice 
already looking more like tortilla soup, no?
add diced chili in the pot
i like corn, so i added the whole can of corn 
close the le creuset & keep boiling
longer you cook, more flavorful your soup will be! 
this was a major fail
 because while rushing, i cut the tortilla strips wayyyy too thick!
but you get the point!
use dried tortillas or bake some tortillas for the soup
i topped it off with lots of cheese because i lovveeee cheeeeeese!

i love guacamole!!! with no cilantro, please!!!
my guacamole has deeeeeeeeeeep flavor to it & it uses the avocado grown fresh from our very-generous avocado tree!

perfect guacamole is sooooo goooood that you can eat it pretty much with everything!
tacos, chips, dip fresh veggies, or even add it on top of the tortilla soup you just made

let's make guacamole!
+ avocado + lime juice
+garlic + serrano chilis
+red onions
+tomatoes +salt +pepper
mix mix mix

& the sides
1. spanish rice, which i actually cheated by making the packet ;)
2. "marinated for 2 hours before cooking" steak for tacos
3. lightly baked tortilla for the tacos

spanish rice
skirt steak 
baking tortillas

& the final meal!
i was pretty exhausted after spending so much time at the market + cooking, so didn't have the time to make the table pretty in time to serve dinner for the family (we eat kinda early~)
so please excuse the table setting ;)

a very mexican dinner

once again, i apologize for "not the best of photos" as i was busy cooking! 
but hope you enjoyed it & try making the tortilla soup yourself if you haven't already ;)
mine came out so good that my mom is telling me to make more already!

i am now happilyfull ♥ 
see you on my next adventure!