Monday, January 9, 2012

ten resolutions for 2012

now that we kicked off the new year's strong (hopefully . . .)
& got a taste of the new year with the first week,
i am curious on what everyone's  new year's resolutions are!

i love planning
i am a planner
but, i am not the best at keeping long-term plans, unfortunately :(
nonetheless, instead of skipping this year's resolutions for that reason,
i would like to make my resolutions very public so you can keep me in check!
yes!!! to the power of accountability!

One. i want to be more energetic & positive this year!

umm. yeah. that sounds rather broad;;
but whether it be spiritually (which is most important to me), mentally or physically, i would like to have positive energy to overflow & hoping that can also impact and encourage others as well!

so although i am afraid this might result in wrinkles in the future, i will smile even more!
and even when there comes a time when i am uphappy, i will put my frown upside down & smile
because a smile is contagious!

here are few poems on the power of a  smile
"smiling is contagious,you catch it like the flu.
when someone smiled at me today, i started smiling too.
i passed around the corner, and someone saw my grin -
when he smiled i realized, i'd passed it on to him.

i thought about that smile, then i realized its worth,
a single smile, just like mine could travel around the earth.
so if you feel a smile begin, don't leave it undetected
let's start an epidemic quick and get the world infected!"

Two. i want to be more health-conscious!

this means making right food choices as well as working out!

since i can't never let go of food
(although i tried eating vegan for the past 2 days & it was actually easy and tasty)
yes! to more hiking, biking, and more active activities
so i can still eat all the things i like
. . . especially since i am the happiest when i eat & i plan to be happy in 2012

i know i will have to start slow because i am so not used to working out
but, it helps that fun outdoor activity = more the reason for me to be able to wear my favorite lululemon pants ;)

Three. i want to read more!

there was a time in my life . . .  when i was a young girl . . .
when my hobby used to be reading!
i read so many books & loved reading so much that i hid in the dark reading books past my bedtime!
 . . . which led to hello, glasses!

so i need to pick up on that again!

all the books i purchased at the end of last year + all the books i plan on reading
i will get to it!!!
because i want to fill my mind & soul just as much as i fill my stomach

i would also like to read the bible more! whenever i can!

Four. i want to cook more

i love food
i love to cook
but i do get lazy at times
this year? it will change! it already changed!

i especially would like to cook for others more
because cooking makes me the happiest when i see others enjoying what i cooked for them ;)

Five. i will start to . . . bake!

once again, i love food & i love to cook
but i don't bake because i am more of a "no recipe. follow my heart" type
also, because my mom is just a wonderful baker, i never really needed to bake myself-
but this year, i will change "baking once a year in feb"

so whether it be cakepops (i have a cakepop book, tools & ingredients ready!)
macarons (because i just cannot get enough of them)
or cupcakes (who doesn't love cupcakes)
i will try baking!

Six. i want to sleep earlier & wake up earlier

this will not only give me a longer day to spend but also help me to truly get "beauty sleep" because beauty sleep really is no myth! you really do need sleep to be more energetic & for skin cell regeneration which peaks at 2am

no wonder audrey hepburn is so beautiful . . .

Seven. i will keep my room clean 
& also clean my make-up brushes more often

i admit. i have a lot of stuff, a lot of junk in my room!
yup. i am definitely not those "have minimal out" type of a girl because i just have so much stuff & not enough places to "hide" them-

but i will try to keep my room more organized in 2012
i think i can do it.......i think ;)

also, i will need to wash my make-up brushes more often so i can actually use my favorite brushes!
i have a lot of make-up including make-up brushes but i pile up the used brushes until i no longer have brushes to use & by the time i need to deep-cleanse them,  i am super overwhelmed with that chore!
this will be also be a challenge, but again, i think i can do it.......

Eight, i will shop less in 2012

i am a shopaholic
i admit

but shopping is never satisfying because you always want more more and more
it's totally the wonderful designers' fault for always coming up with beautiful clothes, bags, shoes, and everything else! *i blame  you all!*

it's also my fault because i get lured into all things pretty
especially any items with a bow on it (my weakness)

this year, however,  i am going to cut down my shopping by at least half
that will require a lot of self-discipline, but i am going to try my best!!!

Nine. more time with my girls!

my girlfriends & i actually began a bucket list for 2012 & we are super psyched! 
 i am thankful to have such wonderful friends in my life & i would like to invest in our friendship more by spending more time with my girls doing more exciting things

here are two things i will share from our bucket list: fishing trip & masquerade party
yup! these will definite make our 2012 even more amazing

Ten. combining all of above, i want to be more...lovely

i should be living daily with more smile, more positive outlook
because i truly believe happiness comes from within

i shouldn't be afraid of being goofier & be more confident in all i do

i shouldn't be lazy with my beauty-regimen 
because i did realize that i am getting more comfortable to skip make-up & wonder around the city . .. oops! must be more put-together at all times!

 i should be more  independent . . .
i should actually attempt to eat out at a cafe alone!  . . .which i've never tried before

i should try more things i never got to try!
including atv-ing, camping and rockcliming

& lastly, this is more of a hope...
more of a long-term wish...
i really do hope that my fear of birds aka ornithophobia can be cured or get better for me to lead an easier lifestyle!

i believe we really can make things happen with the right mindset!
so whatever your resolutions are, good luck!
let's have victorious 2012

that's it for today-
from "happilyfull-on-life"