Friday, January 20, 2012


although i dine out a LOT, there weren't too many restaurants that "impressed" me per se
but if there was a restaurant that did 'impress me' with their beautiful ambiance, top of art plating of food, delicious flavors of food, and excellent service was definitely picasso restaurant at the bellagio hotel in las vegas

first of all, this restaurant has two michelin stars = "worth a detour",
also, it offers an eleven time recipient of the AAA five diamond award executive chef julian serrano's menu
so you obviously expect some sort of amazingness . . .
and well, i can also guarantee that you will experience the top notch food at picasso

the restaurant is located by bellogio's shops & once you spot the restaurant sign as below, simply take the escalator to go down & make your way left!

the added perks of this restaurant is viewing picasso masterpieces
yup! it's like dining at a nice museum!


the food is inspired by the regional cuisine of france and spain where pablo picasso spent much of his life
& they use a collection of his charming ceramic pieces during dining for you to fully enjoy the picasso experience

i want to bring all their lovely picasso ceramics home with me!

the restaurant boasts a wine cellar stocked with more than 1,500 selections from the finest european vineyards, so it is highly recommended that you speak to their sommeliers for recommendation

i also found a very special wine there, thanks to the head sommelier! 
and you know . . . wine sometimes can definitely make or break a meal and this time, it totally made the already perfect meal even more amazing

french pinot gris is my favorite type of wine
i normally don't always order fancy bottles of water,
but at nice restaurants, i can't help it!

as with most fancy restaurants, you can pick couple of your choice from their bread selection & my favorites from my two trips to picasso was definitely the olive bread 

fancy butter with picasso engraving

guests really get fabulous dining experience from picasso
as you can enjoy bellagio's fountain show while eating
(i apologize for photo quality in advance, as it was dimly lit + some were taken with my iphone)


most people would most likely order from their prix fix menu & would want to enjoy each course as they are top notch art for your eye, as well as for your palate

picasso's menu actually changes daily depending on what is fresh that day, but i did notice that most do stay the same-
here is their menu

although it's prix fix menu, i like to order from their two different levels of prix fix menu so you can get a taste of more dishes with your company

amuse bouche
mushroom potato soup with almonds
smoked salmon with caviar
amuse bouche
mushroom soup with chives and almonds
brioche with foie gras smeared and apple

the famous . . .
poached oysters garnished
-with osetra caviar, sauce vermouth

this is really worth a try!!!
because i don't normally eat oysters . . . but this? i order it and i enjoy it!

maine lobster salad
-with apple champagne vinaigrette

you really know that the chef picks "freshet" of ingredients of the day as he used same style of cooking for different fish on different occasions

sauteed filet of scottish salmon
-with saffron sauce and cauliflower mousseline
sauteed filet of black bass
-with cauliflower mousseline and saffron sauce

pan seared u-10 sea scallop
-with potato mousseline and jus de veau

kobe spheres
-with ragout of green lentils

sauteed "a" steak of foie gras
-with honey muscat poached pears with creme fraiche gastirique, brioche and crushed almonds
sauteed steak of "a" foie gras
-with roasted quince and pistachio

sauteed medallions of fallow deer
-with caramelized green apples and zinfandel sauce

roasted milk-fed veal chop
-with roasemary potato and au jus

sauteed filet of turbot
-with green asparagus and sauce hollandaise

sauteed filet of halibut
-with ragout of corona beans, serrano ham, vegetables and mushrooms

sauteed filet of new zealand tai snapper
-with court-bouillon sauce and fresh herbs

roasted tournedo loin of colorado lamb
-with pisto, mint, aoili and tempura zucchini flower

& my favorite part of the meal
the desserts!

blood orange and raspberry glace
-white chocolate panna cotta & tangerine sorbet

blackberry linzer tart
-strawberry cheesecake ice cream, strawberry terrine, elysium black muscat sorbet

warm chocolate fondant
-with peppermint sorbet and chocolate mint bavarian

concord grape panna cotta
-with flan espuma filled "cannoli", port figs and concord grape sorbet

berry buttermillk cake
-with black raspberry melville syrah soup, buttermilk panna cotta, triple strawberry ice cream

vanilla basked pear
-poire williams hazelnut cream cake and port cinnamon sorbet

& dessert plate
these tiny little bites (if you have the stomach place left to eat them) are yumm!

& they even give you a box of cookies to take home!
 . . . for the ladies ;)

additional photos of bellagio as we head up from the restaurant

i've been to handful of michelin star restaurants, but so far, picasso is my favorite
so next time you have a special event coming up or you just want some great food, call them & make a reservation & get ready for a beautiful dining experience-

i am now happilyfull ♥ 
see you on my next adventure!


  1. i feel like i just got wined and dined by this blog entry :) love it!

  2. POACHED OYSTERS!!!!!!!!!!! nice post, love the rest of the pics also~

  3. OMG what an EPIC post. Well done. I am happilyfull now.

  4. yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy :D
    i will have more thorough posts like this ;) it just takes extra time ;D

  5. i know i want some poached oysters too!
    glad you liked the photos, jackson! it was a tough one because of the low lighting plus.........the high quality of restaurant that makes it slightly harder to be a photo-crazy because i need to be "classy" at the same time-

  6. hahaha yay, cynthia! making you feel like you are "happilyfull" is my goal!!! :D