Friday, January 6, 2012

peppermint season isn't over yet

i love mint...anything!

although the peppermint flavor is usually related "holiday season" especially with candy canes, peppermint mochas at coffee shops and all
i personally love the refreshing flavor all-year-around

on their website, william sonoma says,"our nostalgic peppermint bark is often copied but never matched in quality or flavor. it's hand made from custom-blended guittard premium chocolate, infused with natural peppermint oil, layered with creamy white chocolate and finished with a snowfall of crisp handmade peppermint candy bits"
and i do agree that their's is truly my favorite peppermint barks, although there are many different types out there and i did try some other yummy ones at whole foods & trader joe's to name few
so you can tell . . .
i was quite excited when i went to the william sonoma outlet on the way to las vegas & saw their peppermint crunch! which is actually the reason why i started writing this post ;)
i haven't seen the 'peppermint crunch' at regular stores & couldn't find anything on it online as i was prepping for this post, so hope this is helpful to those who are curious but not sure whether to try them or not
as you can see, these are individually wrapped peppermint chocolate (you can think of it as a smaller version of peppermint bark) & it is on the hard-to-bite side
overall, it was yummy and i like the individually wrapped packaging but i still prefer their peppermint barks over these

here are some more things peppermint-y goodies i found on william sonoma's website
by no means am i trying to promote them, but it's because william sonoma is one of my favorite places that makes me super happy when i am there ;)

peppermint bark is actually really easy to make at home!
although there are several different ways you can follow, see below for what i think is the easiest way to make the yummy barks at home in about 1.5hrs-

pt1. crush candy canes into small chunks!
best way to crush them is to place them into a
plastic bag & hammering them ;)
pt2. melt chocolate & spread them thinly onto a parchment paper
i prefer the unsweetened or dark chocolate for this part
pt3. spread melted white chocolate with peppermint extract
on top of the layer of chocolate
pt4. sprinkle the crushed peppermint chunks on top 
pt5. cool the pan in the refrigerator for about an hour or until firm
pt6. remove the finished peppermint bark from the parchment paper
& break them into pieces! 

home-made peppermint barks are perfect gift during the holiday season 
you can easily use the peppermint bark you just made to turn them into something yummier!

so whether it be 

try making one by following the peppermint cream recipes & enjoy the refreshing flavor !
i mean...
 since it is still 'winter' (although it almost feels like summer in sunny southern california) we can get away with peppermint festivities ;)

i am now happilyfull ♥ 

see you on my next adventure!


  1. Lovely photos and great recipe tips. Funny, in the UK peppermint is not associated with Christmas!

  2. Hi Laura!
    Peppermint isn't just for Christmas in the states either but they do make it even bigger during the holiday season with "seasonal items"! ;D