Monday, January 23, 2012

max brenner

vegas restaurant posts are coming to an end, at least for the time being!
i still have so many restaurants i wish to cover, but wanted to keep things fresh by just writing about places i went on my recent trip-

i know it's still relatively early in the morning, but to end
the post will be on: something sweet, something warm
a mug of hot chocolate!!!

after getting recommendation from one of my best friend in the east coast + seeing so many cool photos of their famous "hug mug"
max brenner was definitely on the top of my places to visit last time i was in new york city!
but since there were soooo many other places i just had to try & since i was already eating ~7 meals per day as i was, i just didn't have the time to squeeze in another dessert shop

so you can see how excited i was to find that i actually didn't have to be in nyc to try  max brenner!
here are their locations, for those of you who want to check it out!
they apparently started in israel but have branches in australia, singapore and philippines!

it seems like caesar's palace at las vegas really is the place to be for chocolates!
yup, i will call it the "chocolate heaven" because they have both max brenner & serendipity3 which became very famous after the movie serendipity

unlike serendipity3 which is located at the outside of the hotel towards bellagio, you can locate max brenner at the caesar's forum shops
also, i noticed after getting seated that 2nd floor of  max brenner is actually prettier than the 1st floor for those of you who are into ambiance

here is their menu
i actually did not know that they also offer food, so that can be an option for hungry shoppers!

as for me, after much debating, we ended up ordering one hot & one cold drinks
here are our: italian thick hot chocolate & pure chocolate truffle granita

since you have the option to choose the type of chocolates, whether it be milk, dark or white chocolate
we ordered italian thick hot chocolate with milk chocolate & pure chocolate truffle granita with dark chocolate

a little tip which is more of a personal preference, if you like sweet but not too sweet, i definitely recommend dark chocolate base because it was just more enjoyable! 

as you can see, the hot chocolate comes in their famous "hug mug" & their cold drinks comes in an alice cup that says "drink me"
(isn't that so magical? i just really appreciate whimsical details like that)

according to max brenner's website, mug hug is shaped particularly for hugging in both hands, creating the ultimate drinking experience of coziness, warmth and fragrance
i mean, they actually call it the "chocolate drinking ceremony"

italian thick hot chocolate
& pure chocolate truffle granita
hug mug!
"how to hold the hug mug 101"
"drink me" says the alice cup
love the whimsical touch
unlike the hug mug, there is no tutorial needed
for the alice cup ;) 

even the check comes in a nice chocolate tin can!
. . .  it's so cute that you almost want to pay, no?
. . .  not that you have option not to, of course;;

i ended up bringing back a pair of these hug mugs & a bag of milk hot chocolate back home ;)
for those of you who love pretty ceramics, you can also purchase them right here

i don't know about you, but you just need a cup of  sweet warmth on a cold day to lift you up! 

plus, it also helps to know that there are benefits in drinking hot chocolates!
here are detailed benefits to hot chocolate found in wikipedia for the nerdier readers out there *wink*
"research has shown that the consumption of hot chocolate can be positive to one's health.
a study conducted by cornell university has shown that hot chocolate contains more 'antioxidants' than wine and tea, therefore reducing the risk of heart disease; it is also revealed that a larger amount of antioxidants are released when the beverage is heated.
the 'flavonoids' found in the cocoa that makes up hot chocolate also have a positive effect on arterial health by shielding the walls of blood vessels from free radical damage.
flavonoids are also thought to help reduce blood platelet buildup and can balance levels of compounds called eicosanoids, which may be beneficial to cardiovascular health"

i am now happilyfull ♥
 see you on my next adventure!

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