Tuesday, January 3, 2012

healthy way to start the new year

now that we have started a year fresh with 2012
what are some of your new year's resolutions?

curious what mine are?
being healthier is definitely on the top of my list

being a big foodie . . .
who doesn't really exercise . . .
that now has an 'excuse' to eat even MORE so i can blog about it . . . 
yeah, i need to really get myself together
i am afraid that i will become a hippo!

so what are some good ways of being healthy?
diet? gym? 
all good, i am sure
& i will definitely need to incorporate some sort of exercise plan in my lifestyle
but making better food choices will be an easier way for me to be healthier in 2012

i will be honest . . .
my diet doesn't revolve around cutting food . . .
it just means something healthy yet tasty like
this 4-bowl from the green temple

i am no expert on vegetarian restaurants because i am a carnivore (rawr~)
and i haven't been to too many vegetarian places for that reason
but the green temple is an exception!
i heart this little gem by the ocean because their tofu sauce is just amazing!

for more detailed menu you can check here

the green temple in redondo beach, ca
ask for their soup of the day! you will find some delicious soups-     

you can probably tell from all the photos following that my favorite is the 4 bowl
pretty much, you can choose any four items from the following choices topped with tofu sauce: garden mix, broccoli, green beans, corn, asparagus, beans, rice, greens, crumbled veggie burger, tempeh, tofu, avocado, guacamole, salsa, mashed or basked potatoes, hummus

green temple's iced tea is amazing!
make sure to ask for their special tea of the day
but do remember that sometimes their special flavors
actually run out due to high demand!
four bowl with rice, corn, broccoli & baked potato
four bowl with rice, green beans, broccoli & crumbled veggie burger
four bowl with rice, corn, corn & brocoli
as i mentioned,
four bowl here is amazing! totally worth a try
organic basked corn tortilla chips served with organic black or pinto
beans, salsa and white cheddar cheese 
avocado sandwich
made with whole wheat walnut bread (with honey), tomatoes, lettuce,
sprouts, seasoned with spike and served with a side of garden mix
vegetables topped with organic tofu sauce
or you can opt for the burgers
which is made with organic brown rice, organic pinto beans, organic
walnuts, organic sunflower seeds, organic almonds, soy cheese, tamari,
garlic and onions; served on a whole-wheat bun or bread with organic
lettuce, tomato, red onion and a side of garden mix vegetables with
organic tofu sauce

here are some more photos of the restaurant 
it's a rather small restaurant with three main sections: front, inside and the garden
i definitely recommend that you sit by the garden as it's the prettiest
overall, the green temple very zen-like atmosphere all around 

so if you are like me, a fellow foodie, who loves to eat
yet want to make the right choices in food, 
try vegetarian/vegan restaurants!
the dishes are surprisingly tasty & more beneficial to your body

i will also be trying more healthier restaurants in the future to keep my new year's resolution, so look out for those posts! 

i am now happilyfull ♥ 
see you on my next adventure!


  1. Hi! I just came across your blog on Bloglovin, and I love it! You're an awesome photographer! Keep up the good work!

  2. hi cynthia! thanks for visiting & leaving me a comment! :D
    i am so happy that you like the blog! check back soon~!