Sunday, January 8, 2012

grilled cheese truck

los angeles
& the food trucks in los angeles . . .

something that first started out as a fad has now become a real culture
these 'underground culinary' has become so big now that you can easily spot these everywhere; from   all types of events such as downtown artwalk or losbter fest, near businesses, some weddings, and even in front of lacma

i am definitely not a big food truck connoisseur, and haven't tried too many food trucks (i admit, i don't hunt them down & drive there for 40+min) but have tried decent amount
so to those who are expecting mind-blowing foodgasm from these trucks, make sure to give them a break & remember that they are cooking from a running truck & that these are more of a 'fast food' even though you can get pretty much any cuisine now including peruvian, indian, and even ice cream

you can easily find food trucks on few of these websites

from these, today's post is on the grilled cheese truck

i heard good things about this particular food truck before finally being able to try it- 
so i happily & patiently waited for ~30min in line, under the sun, without a hat!
then another 10min or so to pick up my food

there are both savory & sweet melts
as well as simple melts & more fancy ones
and even some specialty melts for that day

you can also 'add more' depending on how you want your melt
 . . . including fritos!?!?

you get two 'triangles' of sandwiches so you can easily share with a friend to try more!
but with bbq pork & caramelized onions, the winner was definitely the cheesy mac and rib

special melt & cheesy mac and rib

fatty melts = happy tummy
track down the truck & try it yourself

i am now happilyfull ♥ 
see you on my next adventure!


  1. OMG my hubby is obsessed with grilled cheese sandwiches! He would just die, if he could get a bite of that cheesy mac and rib!

  2. omg! he should definitely try this one!!! so...........good.....................! hahaha!