Wednesday, January 11, 2012

fried seafood

welcome back to first episode of happilyfull's kitchen in 2012!
today's post is on . . . fried seafood!
 because i have been loving more seafood in my diet recently (more than usual)

using crabs & shrimps,
i am going to not only fry them, but give it a flavor by sauteing  them in garlic, green onions & jalapenos
it's a pretty easy recipe that looks like you took a while making the food-

so first, the crabs!
i've tried some good fried crabs at chinese restaurants where you eat the whole crab without having to dig for the crab meat because it's very crunchy
i prefer this method because . . .

i admit . . . 
i am very lazy to use my fingers when eating;; 
and when i do, i only use four fingers the whole time
so if you are lazy like me & don't like to use hands when eating seafood, try this!

dip the crab in flour before frying them in veggie oil
repeat the flour - frying - flour- frying twice
to give it a crispy texture
next, stir chopped garlic in another pan until golden
add in jalapenos & green onions into the pan
now we are ready to . . .
add in the twice-fried crabs!
mix them well for a while so the crabs can
soak up all the flavors

place them in a pretty bowl & serve!
everything is very crunchy by now so you can eat
the shell! (probably not the claws though . . .)

now, the shrimps!
same idea as the crabs, but  it is easier to eat & serve 
again, you can eat the whole shrimps, but i personally prefer to only eat the meat ;)

fry! fry! fry!

fry the shrimps at least twice for that crispiness
in a separate bowl, stir chopped garlic until golden

this time, first put the shrimps in the garlic
then, added the green onions at the end
ready to be served! 

so try making this when you don't have too much time!
you can actually even use frozen crabs or shrimps when making this which won't take as much time to prepare ;) 

i am now happilyfull ♥ 
see you on my next adventure!


  1. that looks so yummy!!!!! *drooling*

  2. it's really simple yet tasty! try it :D

  3. That was so easy! I love going to chinese restaurants for fried crab. I'll have to try this at home!

  4. cynthia - definitely try it! soooo good yet easy but looks like you put in a lot of effort ;D