Monday, January 30, 2012

farewell, gonpachi

sorry for few days of missing in action!
i had a super busy weekend which lacked much sleep that lead to yeah, well sickness-

this morning, i read from eater la that gonpachi restaurant on la cienega is closing tomorrow
you can find the article right here

since i actually liked this restaurant for their beautiful japanese garden, perfectly-lit lighting, their nice ambiance that is suitable for date nights as well as night out with friends, tasty food at affordable price . . . 
i decided to pay a little tribute to gonpachi beverly hills

not only did i like the restaurant, i actually enjoyed their bar quite a bit!
. . .  enough that i actually visited just for the bar part on an occasion-

crispy sweet potato chips & a large hot sake
pocket monster
drink for grown children
with haamonii smooth, calpico & sprite
zensai mori awase: chef's sampling of appetizers
i like trying chef's samplers or chef's menu!
ebi shinjo
crispy fried shrimp dumpling with sweet yuzu chili sauce
this is really yummmmmm-
sumiyaki sirloin
robata grilled prime angus sirloin with garlic uni butter on steamed rice
with green onion, shitake & cress
pumpkin zensai
chilled sticky balls in a roasted kabocha pumpkin custard sauce
with vanilla bean ice cream and red bean paste, topped with almonds
one of the best dessert ever!!!

as you noticed, it was really more of a "farewell" for a nice restaurant than introducing you to a new spot until it tortures you enough to check it out, but hope you enjoyed few photos & that you do try gonpachi torrance at the miyako hotel 

additionally, i guess that also means no more actor sighting, as chris owen who is famous for his role in american pie, actually worked there as a waiter

good bye, gonpachi! 

i am now happilyfull ♥ 
see you on my next adventure!

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  1. very pretty place! wonder what will replace it...